300+ Verified Guest Posting Sites to Make Backlinks in 2020

Guest Posting Sites

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Looking for the guest posting site for the article submission to make backlinks in 2020?

In this article, we are going to share a list of 300+ sites that accept guest blogging. But before we share the list of blog posting sites with you, we will talk about the guest blogging in this post.

Internet is where the future of twenty-first-century lies.

Most brands have their presence on the Internet. And why not? When you have hundreds of thousands of people to whom you can sell your product, who wouldn’t want to jump in?

The problem now is that a lot of brands and websites took notice of that, thus resulting in a cutthroat competition of getting visibility and awareness for their brand.

While there are multiple ways to grab attention and give your brand a social presence, one of the best ways is guest blogging.

Why guest blogging? Here are the ten reasons why you should try guest blogging!

#1. Improves Your Authority in the Niche

Blogging, in general, is a very social activity. You interact with your users to provide them with new pieces of content. You interact with other bloggers to know what is trending in the industry and build strong connections with them.

Talking about the other point—that is, building stronger connections—if you are a newbie in the blogging world, it can be very hard to directly start building connections with the important people in your niche.

You have to start from the ground up and rise step by step to the top.

This is where guest blogging can help you. Guest blogging gives you a platform to interact with popular bloggers indirectly.

Usually, these bloggers require content for their websites. If you can provide good content that satisfies their criteria, they will be more than happy to accept your content. Further, if you constantly collaborate and provide them with guest posts, it can lead to the building of a healthy relationship between you and the blogger you are aspiring to become.

So if you want to socialize with the top bloggers but have no idea where to start, guest blogging can help you out with that.

On top of that, guest posting on different top authority websites can help you build a personal network with these people.

#2. Builds Better Backlinks

The primary purpose of people going for guest blogging is building good backlinks. With good backlinks, you can increase the domain authority of the website and boost your keywords.

Here’s how Google works:‌ Google looks at the inbound links to a web page. It considers these links as thumbs-up.

The more the number of links referring to the web page, the more Google considers it to be a popular and relevant answer to people’s queries. Hence, it will rank higher up in SERPs.

Back in the days, just for the sake of getting backlinks, people started guest posting



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