Aaron Bowie, Founder of We Are AG, Shares His Inspiring Story of Going From a Hardware Engineer to an Entrepreneur

Aaron Bowie, Founder of We Are AG, Shares His Inspiring Story of Going From a Hardware Engineer to an Entrepreneur

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The WordPress community is no short of inspiring people who achieved success by creating amazing things with WordPress. Today, we have one such personality who didn’t let his humble beginnings come in his way of achieving his dream.

Aaron Bowie, founder of We are AG is with us today for an exclusive interview so without further ado, let’s hear it from the man himself.

Cloudways: Hi Aaron, Thank you for taking out some time for this interview with Cloudways. When and how did you start your career with WordPress? Is there an interesting story behind this?

Aaron: Back in 2005 I set up and ran a PC review website on WordPress (this was the first time I used WordPress). With some basic HTML/CSS knowledge I started to mess around with WP and I was instantly hooked ;).

I came from a hardware background with the review website and started my web career working for a small PC repair shop/web design firm. On slow days in the shop with repairs, I would shadow the main dev (a PHP developer). Afterhours we would think of projects and build them together (these were all non-WP projects). I then made the transition over to junior frontend dev. Over time I picked up more and started to get curious to play more with WordPress.

Over the course of a few years, I worked for a number of agencies both large and small.

“We are AG” started because I wanted the freedom and flexibility of freelancing, and just like many other freelance businesses, we started doing custom theme builds. After the first year of business, I made the pivot to mainly focus on WooCommerce (back then there were not many freelancers focused purely on Woo). In late 2015 I had built my first premium plugin which I also sold on “We are AG”. 2018 was the year I decided to go full-time as a plugin developer.

Cloudways: You currently work at We are AG. What are your responsibilities there? Could you share any interesting stories?

Aaron: Ahh the day in the life of a plugin business owner? I have multiple roles that include development, support and looking after my team. I have been super lucky because in the last 6 months or so we have grown from just me to having June becoming part of the support team, right now we are training up another person to help June with support and will continue to grow our numbers to help our customers and roll out new updates.

Right now 80% of my time is spent on dev work. I have been working on a ton of new features and working with beta testers to get these features ready for the big push out to the users.

Cloudways: What are your views about the future of online payments? 

Aaron: With the introduction of both PSD2 & SCA, I think this is a step in the right direction with regards to payment security and I am excited to see this improved in the



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