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How to Add a Custom Product Builder to WooCommerce - WP Mayor

A WooCommerce product builder solves a longstanding problem on the WooCommerce platform. In a default WooCommerce store, the only way to create a configurable product is via a variable product. But that simply doesn’t cut it if you need a visual way for someone to customize their products in order for them to make an informed choice.  

Fortunately, with the help of a WooCommerce product builder plugin, you can ensure customers know exactly what the finished product will look like. This is achieved by using layered images that automatically update with each selection. An added bonus is that they’ll work and look great on mobile devices too.  

So, by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to create an enjoyable product configuration experience for you and your customers with the help of the WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin.

What are product builders, and how do they work in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce product builders are one of the most essential plugins for your store if you sell configurable products. They allow you to present several accurate visual representations of the customization options for your products. 

On the product page, customers will be able to select their options, such as a change of color or an added component. The customer will be able to search through as many possible combinations as they please. All before settling on their final choice, delivering an enjoyable shopping experience.

woocommerce custom product builder

But the benefits of installing a WooCommerce custom product builder plugin don’t end there. It also allows store owners to save tons of time when creating highly configurable products, such as shoes or watches. 

Instead of creating 100s of product images for each conceivable combination of the final product, a WooCommerce product customizer allows you to upload a single transparent image (PNG) for each product attribute. 

product builder image layers

Those singular images are then layered over the top of the original picture, allowing the customer to adjust a product until they end up with one they love.  

Why a custom product builder will help you increase sales

Customers buy with their eyes. So if you have a customizable product, but customers can’t see what the final product will look like, they’re less likely to make a purchase. 

If a customer is buying



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