How To Add Instagram Photos To WordPress –

How To Add Instagram Photos To WordPress

By now you probably either have an Instagram account or you have seen one on the web at some point or another. As of June 2018 Instagram has over a billion active users making it one of the most popular social media networks today. And because it’s become such a media powerhouse it’s no wonder that you’d want to add your feed to your website.

By integrating your Instagram account with your WordPress blog you’ll be able to funnel some of the traffic your blog gets to your Instagram profile (and visa versa if you add a link to your blog in your Instagram profile). This is a great way to connect with your blog audience and it opens up more opportunities for you to build your brand online. Ready to get started?

There are a couple easy ways to add Instagram to your blog – embedding a post or installing a plugin. Each of these is an option for adding your Instagram posts or your feed to your site, but aesthetically each is very different.

1. Embedding Instagram Posts

If you just want to add an Instagram photo into one of your posts it’s as easy as pasting your photo’s url into your content. WordPress supports a huge range of url embeds by default (you can see the full oembed list in the codex).

To add a photo first copy the url of the Instagram post. Here’s a visual so you know which part of the url to copy:

How you add the embed will depend on if you’re using the Classic editor or Gutenberg.

Adding Instagram Photos in the Classic Editor

For the Classic Editor just paste the copied url directly into your content. It should look something like this:

And if you want you can also adjust the display width or height as part of an embed shortcode. So if we enter the url with the following parameters (removing the spaces just after the opening [ and just before the closing ] brackets for the code to work):

[ embed width="320" ][ /embed ]

The Instagram post we shared above will look like this instead (only 320 pixels wide):

Adding Instagram Photos in Gutenberg

For Gutenberg you’ll want to use the Instagram block. Click the + icon and search for Instagram:


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