How to Add Tables in WordPress Using WP Table Builder

How to Add Tables in WordPress Using WP Table Builder

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Tables are a great way of organizing and displaying information in a visually pleasing manner. If you have a lot of data, you can easily convert it into tables to make sure the visitors can quickly make sense of the data.

Fortunately, creating tables in WordPress is very simple and easy because a number of WordPress plugins you can use for creating beautiful tables. Now if you have a working knowledge of HTML, you can create the tables yourself but that requires a lot of time and effort, thus necessitating the use of plugins.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to add tables in WordPress quickly without any technical knowledge or the need for writing code. I’ll be using a WordPress table builder plugin named WP Table Builder.

Before jumping into the process of creating and adding tables in WordPress, let’s quickly take a look at the plugin I’ll use for demonstrating the process of adding tables to WordPress throughout our process.

WP Table Builder: An Overview

As the name suggests, WP Table Builder is a free table builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to build beautiful tables quickly. The plugin has a drag-and-drop interface allowing you to drag elements without worrying about writing code. Once you have the basic structure in place, there are several customization options to finalize the looks of the table.

WP Table Builder is responsive and provides options to let you customize how the table will be displayed on various screen sizes.

Let’s now add a table using the WP Table Builder plugin.

Install and Configure WP Table Builder

This process simply involves installing the plugin. For this, go to Plugins → Add New.

On this page, search for the plugin by entering the name ‘WP Table Builder’ in the search box.

search wp table builder

Click on the ‘Install’ button to install the plugin. Once the plugin has been installed, activate it and you’re ready to move to the next step.

Add a New Table

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll see a menu named ‘Table Builder’ in the sidebar menu.

table builder menu

Go to the menu and click ‘Add New Table‘ to



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