Agency Spotlight Feature on the Success of Brand On Fire

Agency Spotlight Feature on the Success of Brand On Fire

Brand On Fire, LLC is a web design and development agency, which also offers internet marketing consultation and hosting to its clients. They become their clients’ partners in growing their business and boosting their brand.

Brand On Fire started working in WordPress in 2011. Since then, they have supported small to medium-sized businesses all over the world, and have been able to successfully implement a variety of unique projects in different industries.

Brand On Fire’s Niche

Brand On Fire LLC focuses on small to medium-sized companies, especially brick and mortar businesses with a local target market. This is so that they can provide these companies with the greatest ongoing value for their brand and business.

Brand On Fire’s Biggest Achievements As an Agency

The agency takes pride in powering its clients’ brands and making growth easier for the clients. Their biggest achievement for them is being able to help brands move onward and upwards. Brand On Fire’s team has designed, implemented, hosted, and managed over 100 high-performing WordPress websites. They consider this a huge achievement for them and they are definitely proud of where they have reached in their agency business journey.

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Brand On Fire’s Greatest Challenges and How It Overcame Them

The agency’s main struggle was to filter out the right candidates for its team. They were trying hard to find the right people who could manage tasks in the long-term. They were quick to identify the main reason behind their concern, which was their awareness regarding the fact that contractors and employees don’t last forever.

In order to overcome their problem, they decided to have process-oriented documentation that allowed any new team member to jump right in and take over. This saved both time and effort on their end.

Brand On Fire’s Recipe for Success and Three Strategies That Have Proved to Be Most Fruitful for Their Agency’s Growth

The agency’s recipe for success is a mix of three very important ingredients that have been pivotal to the agency’s growth.

Here is a list of the three strategies they implemented to achieve success:

  • Referral based Marketing
  • Process-oriented documentation to train new contractors/employees
  • Generating new revenue by strategically adding services that work for you and your clients, like unique marketing services or hosting

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The Most Challenging Project for Their Agency and Their Learnings

Brand On Fire implemented three websites for a single company that was both an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider) and major steel hydraulic/bridge contractor in northern Germany. It was a new enterprise-level project for them that involved extensive planning, strong attention to quality and detail across all platforms, and great care regarding client relationships.




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