Agency in Spotlight: Squarebird Helping Brands Grow With Their Digital Expertise

Agency in Spotlight: Squarebird Helping Brands Grow With Their Digital Expertise

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What do you get, when you place a digital designer and a strategic marketer in a single room? Well, this may give rise to something unique – a flourishing digital agency – Squarebird that specializes in client nurturing.

Squarebird – a UK based digital agency is set out to do things the right way based on reasoning and subject-expertise. Two brothers – Nick and Jon Bird; started a web digital agency together with no prior experience except for their power in strategic marketing and digital design.

squarebird team

Squarebird’s Humble Beginnings

Squarebird started its journey in 2015 and has grown quickly from a small bedroom office to an amazing team of 12 full-time staff. It delivers high performing, creative, and money churning websites for organizations of all sizes. Squarebird’s story has been a real bedroom to boardroom saga, and they are now working with many international organizations.

squarebird founders

Squarebird’s team has over 200 websites and more than 280 clients in the UK and across the world. They have never spent a single penny on business advertising; every piece of work has come organically via word-of-mouth and reputation. Squarebird prides itself on delivering high-quality results and services to its clients while ensuring the referrals keep rolling in.

Squarebird’s Achievements

“Our biggest achievements to date are being finalists for 3 awards, having a client on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and working for multiple clients around the globe. Furthermore, we are yet to spend a penny on advertising which we believe is a testament to our quality of work.”

Nick and Jon both believe that actions and reputation speak louder than words. This is the reason why they haven’t been aggressively spending on advertising and building on client relationships in order to build on reputation.

Overcoming the Obstacles

In the early stages, every day brought a new challenge for Squarebird, especially when it came to the digital side of the business. Finding the work seemed to come naturally, resulting from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, which always



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