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Asset CleanUp for WordPress Speeds Up Your Pages - WP Solver

We all would love our site to load faster. A super fast site is not only great for your search engine rankings but improves your visitors’ experience.  Asset CleanUp is one of many plugins you can download to boost your page speed. It scans your pages and detects assets that are not necessary to load. It decreases the # of HTTP requests and eliminates render-blocking resources.

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Asset CleanUp can apply defer attribute to your JavaScript files, preload CSS/JS, Local Fonts & Google Fonts files, and combine CSS/JavaScript files to make your site run faster. It might even help remove possible code conflicts. The pro version lets you move JS files from head to body, load JavaScript files asynchronously, and unload files on certain WordPress pages.

Asset CleanUp for WordPress Speeds Up Your Pages - WP Solver 1

Asset CleanUp lightens your code, speeds up your pages, and improves your PageSpeed score. You can try it for free at this time.

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