B2BKing Review – A WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Extension

B2BKing Review 2021 - A WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Extension

WooCommerce is highly flexible, so flexible that you can even mold them to Wholesale business requirements. Custom coding or a myriad of plugins might let you do that. 

However, there are very few reliable single solutions for business owners to rely upon. For ventures thinking to digitize their B2B and B2C sales process, B2BKing is a great solution. It is known for its comprehensive feature list and reliability. 

In this B2BKing review, we will evaluate the abilities of the B2BKing Plugin and assess it as a whole for you.

B2BKing Plugin – An Overview

This plugin is an extension that works for WooCommerce stores. It can enable all types of online ventures with B2B and B2C capabilities from entrepreneurs to middle-sized businesses and enterprises. 

Businesses can add (and control access rights of) B2B users, B2C users, and logged out users. There are abilities like conversations, offers, dynamic rules, groups, customers, etc., that allow B2B sellers to handle requests, serve resellers/customers, and run their business efficiently.

The developers of the plugin have integrated 137+ (!) features and components into the B2BKing. For instance it is WPML-supported and, therefore, will work well for your multilingual store too.

With more than 14,000+ installs and 5+ ratings at present, many users deem it to be very useful for their store. 

But is it worth the hype or attention? Should B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses consider deploying the B2BKing Plugin for their WooCommerce stores? Let us take a look!

Assessing Features of B2BKing Plugin

One of the fastest-growing plugins in the Envato marketplace, B2BKing is a feature-rich wholesale solution. But are its features all beneficial for your business?

In this section, we will discuss its features and their value for your B2B plus B2C e-commerce business.

B2BKing Review 2021 - A WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Extension 1

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Create Groups

Highlight: Control the facilities/visibility for various B2B and non-B2B users in different ways through group creation. 

In B2BKing, your store users are categorized in 3 ways through groups.

B2BKing review - 3 ways through troups

You can enter into the business groups section and create various business groups. 

Users can be assigned to each of these groups and given shipping, payment, and dynamic (through rule-creation) rights.

B2BKing Review 2021 - A WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Extension 2



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