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Finding the right hosting provider is a big challenge, let alone finding one that fits your budget. In this article, I will take you through the most affordable managed cloud hosting providers that are not only ideal for your website but are also a light on your pocket.

But why should you go for a managed cloud hosting solution in the first place when there are other hosting types that are far cheaper, like shared or VPS hosting? To answer this question, we’ll first take a look at some of the benefits that managed cloud hosting has over traditional hosting.

Best Affordable WordPress Hosting Providers

Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

To understand why an affordable managed cloud hosting is better than cheaper alternatives like shared hosting or a VPS, let’s look at some of its key benefits.


Let’s say you are running an ecommerce store and you have planned a holiday season campaign where you expect your site traffic to increase ten folds. If your server isn’t ready for it, though, your online store might crash and you will lose significant traffic and customers.

Managed cloud hosting gives you the ability to scale your resources whenever you need to. You can always increase your RAM size, Storage, and Bandwidth when you are expecting a spike in your daily traffic.

Server scaling also comes in handy when you are a growing business and your server resources need to increase regularly. For example, if you are a web agency, you would need a bigger server whenever you acquire a new client or a project.

Better Security Than Shared Hosting

There is no doubt that managed cloud hosting is more secure than shared hosting. To find out why let’s understand the basic distinction between the two.

In shared hosting, a server hosts multiple applications including yours. Since your application is hosted on the same server as hundreds of other applications, a vulnerability in one application can have a bad impact on your application too.

In managed cloud hosting, your application is hosted on a network of physical servers with no one else sharing the resources with you. This means that your data’s security is completely dependent on you and your server. Managed cloud hosting also offers end-to-end data encryption that protects your data at every point throughout its transition from the server to the browser to prevent security breaches.

Then there are automated backups. In case your website’s data is compromised, you can always restore it and resume your operations from where you left off because managed cloud hosting provides.

Optimized for Performance

Managed cloud hosting is built on top of cloud servers that are spread throughout the world which makes it possible for your application to perform at optimum speed. When you launch a cloud server, you can always select a data center location



This article was written by Farhan Ayub and originally published on WPblog.

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