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Do you want to scale your affiliate marketing earning? Then I have got some excellent recommendations for you. 

Today I will show you the relevant affiliate programs you can join right away. I’ll talk about the cruise market and relevant affiliate programs. 

I know this is regarding the travel industry, which is currently having hard times during the Covid-19 pandemic. But trust me, that’s where a golden opportunity lies. 

You can sign up for these programs, develop content, and start advertising your website. As soon as the current economic and social situations are back to normal, you will have a high-converting resource for you. 

As soon as everything settles down, your website will be prepared to entertain new readers and convert them as buyers. 

People love traveling, and they are eager to have a weekend getaway on a cruise as soon as the Covid-19 situation settles down.

If you have a website where customers can find recommendations and guidance, you can earn a handsome income.

You can publish in-depth review articles and recommend packages of specific cruises to have lasting travel experience. 

Cruise comes into lavish traveling. They are expensive, exotic, and mesmerizing. 

Cruise gives a life-changing income stream for marketers and travelers. 

Here’re some statistics that prove that. (Source)

  • Around 30 million people took cruises in 2019.
  • Over 34% of new cruises will be deployed in the Caribbean alone.
  • The cruise market has a $134 billion global economic impact.
  • US share is only 11% in the cruise market.

The US market, which is the world’s leading market, has a mere 11% share. That means people from different geographical and ethnic backgrounds can be targeted with cruise packages.

Do go through this case study once just to have a look. It shows that the cruise market is one of the most striking markets. It can generate millions in revenue if effective advertising meets an in-demand product.

Certainly, there are so many cruise providers and travel agencies out there. That’s why competition has become fierce. 

Therefore, almost all cruise providers welcome affiliates. They have affiliate programs to scale their sales by rewarding website owners.

Along with cruise packages, you can also include other add-ons to increase your average sale per conversion. 

Here are Some Ways to Make Money with Cruise Affiliate Programs

1. Cruise Tickets (duh?)

Of course, cruise tickets are hot favorites for affiliates. Some cruise affiliate programs that I’ll show you below that give up to $200 commission per sale.

You can target people of different demographics to encourage them to book tickets from your affiliate link. You can leverage various platforms and content formats online to attract new eyeballs to book specific cruises.

2. Travel insurance

Travel insurance



This article was written by Kulwant Nagi and originally published on Blog – Blogging Cage.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, We may receive an affiliate commission.

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