Best eCommerce Website Builder: 6 Top Tools / Ultimate Comparison

Best eCommerce Website Builder: 6 Top Tools / Ultimate Comparison

Round 4: Apps and integrations

Each of the eCommerce website builders provides a great foundation for an eCommerce site. However, depending on your business, you might like to add unique elements to build relationships or improve sales. Fortunately, all of the tools on this list offer apps and integrations if there’s a unique feature that you need to help your business grow.

Whether you are looking to increase engagement with quizzes or you’d like to add video testimonials, you will be able to find free and paid apps designed to integrate with your chosen tool. You’ll even find apps that integrate nicely with your existing inventory and accounting tools.

Shopify apps and integrations

As the most popular eCommerce website builder, it is no surprise that Shopify has a thriving app marketplace. Indeed, Shopify has over 5,000 extra apps available for your store.

One of the great things about Shopify is that it provides the basics, like a CDN, so you can focus on apps that bring value to your store. The app store is set up to make it easy to find everything you need.

You’ll find useful options for not only making sales but also apps that help make managing a store easier. For example, for international sales, or even national sales outside of your region, you can find a number of GDPR and privacy apps to provide protection for your site.

You can install all of the apps with a few clicks. In fact, the hardest thing about the apps is settling on just a few to help your store! The depth and diversity of apps are incredible. From live chats to discounts to loyalty programs, there truly is an app for everything. Shopify gets a 10/10 because of its free tools like a logo maker and a number of different name generators.

BigCommerce apps and integrations

Extending your BigCommerce store is equally easy with around a thousand apps to enhance your site. Like Shopify, you will find apps to help you with major external platforms, like Amazon and eBay, alongside tools that make running a store much easier.

The BigCommerce app store

As mentioned, BigCommerce is the strongest eCommerce website builder for customization, so the apps are a good opportunity to enhance your store management. The good news is that some premium apps are included with your BigCommerce account, although they aren’t easy to find.

On the other hand, the BigCommerce connectors and integrations are great tools for sharing your store’s data with inventory tools,



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