5 Best Email Hosting for Small Business in

5 Best Email Hosting for Small Business in 2020

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Summary: In this article, I will highlight the best third-party email hosting for small business & medium sized business website. These email hosting solutions for SMBs are scalable and allow you to send as many emails to your customers without the fear of getting blocked or landing in the spam folder.

It is no surprise that email is still the most effective marketing tool for any business. Last year, 43% of businesses considered email marketing as one of the best ways to market their products and services.

Ecommerce stores, online banks, forex, paid adverts, and user verification, all processes require valid email addresses to work smoothly for a business.  Even a second’s delay in sending emails can lead to problems for most businesses. And if you are in the digital business you must know that customers start to panic when they don’t get business emails on time.

A survey by Litmus, an email marketing company, ranked email marketing service problems as the third most important challenge that businesses face today regarding email marketing challenges.

Email Stats

What is Email Hosting and Why Use It?

An email hosting service is the one that runs an email server. You can get an email hosting server by signing up to the email hosting service. All you need is a domain name to use an email service. You can use an email hosting server to manage, send, and maintain your email accounts. Most of the large ecommerce stores have in-house email servers to  ensure that the emails reach the recipients on time. However, the small businesses use email hosting solutions provided by companies like Google, Zoho, Rackspace, and many others.
Recently, most website hosting services have started offering email hosting servers as an add-on with their regular services such as shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Cloudways is one of them. It offers managed cloud hosting services with an email hosting solution by Rackspace.

Types of Email Hosting for Small Business

There are many different types of  email hosting solutions, each serving a different purpose. Let’s check out  what type of email hosting service will work best for your business.

1. Shared Web Hosting With Email Service

This type of email service is available with a shared hosting service. You can’t use it for sending/receiving bulk emails due to limitations on the email server.

2. Third-Party Email Hosting

Most digital businesses



This article was written by Sajjad Shahid and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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