The Best Free BuddyPress Themes (2020)

The Best Free BuddyPress Themes (2020)

Finding a free BuddyPress theme for your online community is a lot easier than you think.

Because, as we state in our Complete Guide To BuddyPress For WordPress, the vast majority of regular free WordPress themes work just fine as a BuddyPress themes:

A few years ago, you could only use a BuddyPress-compatible theme if you wanted to run BuddyPress, and if you wanted to use the plugin with your own theme, you’d have to add some extra theme template files to make BuddyPress work. If you’ve been told that you still have to do this, don’t worry: you don’t. Since version 1.7, BuddyPress will work with any well-written theme, although there will always be some themes whose layout and design suit BuddyPress better than others.

So, if you’re searching online for free BuddyPress themes and are having a hard time finding themes that are still supported, don’t worry.

Many WordPress themes will work with your BuddyPress installation!

Free WordPress Directory BuddyPress Themes

And to help you out we did a search for “BuddyPress” in the free WordPress theme directory, found the ones we liked, installed and tested them with BuddyPress and hereby present them to you, updated for 2020:

  • As the name implies, Navolio Light is a very light theme. This free WordPress theme is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and SEO friendly. Although the theme’s description states that the theme comes with “lots of highly created features,” beautiful slider section, featured post column, footer options, sidebar options, site design options and many more, when used with BuddyPress, we found little to no customization options available and a very narrow area to display your site title and tag line, as you can see in the demo screenshot.

    Choose this theme if you want a very simple and modern-looking BuddyPress site with no distracting features.

  • If you want to display your activity stream prominently on your site, choose the free Carton WordPress theme. You can adjust the width of your sidebar and content column in the customizer, select a background color, add a header graphic, background image, and configure menus and widgets.

    The theme also integrates with the BuddyPress Nouveau templates to customize your layouts, navigation, component directories, and more directly in the WordPress Customizer.



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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