Best Free and Premium WordPress Backup Plugins for

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Working on WordPress can be overwhelming at times. Many things are going around, and not everyone is familiar with all the aspects of the WordPress content management system (CMS). Therefore, you need to pay close attention to what is going on in the environment.

Plugins are one of the essentials of working with WordPress. While going through the platform, you may see some recommendations for the best WordPress backup plugins.

So, let’s walk through what they are and how they may help you.

What Is a WordPress Backup Plugin?

WordPress backup plugin refers to plugins that help in backing up your website. It is mostly a plug and play kind of plugin that only requires the installation and minimal initial configuration.

You might be asked to select what you need to back up and how frequently you are going to backup your site. As you add the details, the plugin will generate a backup file after a particular interval to keep your website safe and secure.

There are different types of WordPress backup plugins. They vary in terms of functionality and features. Some require manual backup, some will work on a schedule, while some may offer you a few more features as compared to the standard ones.

Why You Need a Backup Plugin Installed in WordPress?

There are many reasons why one must have a backup plugin installed in WordPress. Most of the time, people do not pay close attention to the backend of their website. For them, everything is fine till the time their site is not crashing or breaking.

However, as soon as a problem arises, they seek help. Also, there are times when you are trying to install something or make a few changes to your WordPress site.

In these instances, anything can go wrong. You would never wish to have your website all gone just because of one mistake. It is where the backup matters.

As the site is being backed up by a plugin now and then, you will be able to restore things functionally and make your website operational without much trouble. However, without a backup, the site may be all gone.

There are three kinds of backups: Manual backups, Automatic backups with hosting add-on like CodeGuard, or scheduled backups via a WordPress plugin.

We will see more of the best WordPress back plugins out there, if you wish to know more about the backup process, we invite you to check this full guide that covers this subject.

List of Top 8 WordPress Backup Plugins

The Best WordPress backup plugins in the market.



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