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9 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for 2020 - WP Mayor

Responsive WordPress themes are themes that adapt layout according to the specifications of a user’s device or browser. For example, switching from single to multi-column layouts as a screen grows in size. This article explains the advantages of using responsive themes and reviews the top free responsive WordPress themes for 2020.

Advantages of Responsive WordPress Themes

There are several advantages to using responsive WordPress themes, beyond just complying with web design best practices. 

Improved User Experience

Responsive designs typically lead to better user experiences since the content is customized to best suit how a user is visiting your site. Responsive themes can rearrange navigation menus, resize buttons, and serve different image crops to reduce the effort needed from users to interact with your site.

Likewise, responsive themes can alter the content provided, serving lower resolution images or video. This reduces the bandwidth requirements of pages to the maximum useful amount, decreasing load times. For example, there is no reason to waste bandwidth serving a high-resolution image to a small screen since the detail is lost unless a user zooms in. Faster load times lead to better user experience and increased site use.

An Increase in Mobile Traffic

A significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices that require drastically different layouts than laptops or desktops. Responsive themes ensure that your sites are compatible with and optimized for these mobile visitors. When sites are more comfortable and usable on mobile devices, your traffic naturally increases and your abandonment decreases.

Easier Maintenance

Responsive themes enable you to effectively combine multiple sites into one. You still gain the benefits of having sites customized to user needs but only have one site’s worth of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This makes maintenance easier and faster since you can apply changes to all versions at once. Additionally having one multi-use site reduces your storage and security requirements, leaving you less to manage on the whole.

Top Free Responsive WordPress Themes

There are many excellent WordPress themes out there for you to choose from, many of which are both responsive and free. Below are just a few examples that are worth considering.

1. Good

Good is a minimal theme designed for creative portfolios, blogs, and magazines. It includes features for brand customization, SEO optimization, unlimited menus, localization support, and performance optimization. You can extend it with a plugin for forms. The theme also provides continual updates to ensure that your page stays in sync with the latest WordPress version.

2. VMagazine Lite

9 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for 2020 - WP Mayor 1



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