The Best GridBuilderWP Review: Flexible Grids & Filters

The Best GridBuilderWP Review: Flexible Grids & Filters

When you sit down to watch a game of football, you can easily spot the superstars from a mile away.

Their stylish and polished game sets them apart, and often change the outcome of the match. Fans and managers love them because when they play, they are at their absolute best.

The same applies to superstars in the music industry. Usually, they put in the work, serenade us with hits, and still keep going. The stars are masters of their trade and push our imagination to the limits.

You know, just like Gridbuilder WP, the subject of today’s review.

Here’s a primer: We know building grid layouts isn’t for the fainthearted, more so as a beginner. It’s a challenging task even for reasonably experienced users.

Yet grid layouts are an amazing way of displaying and filtering content on your WordPress website. Something like this:

Gridbuilder WP eCommerce Demo

Or this:

gridbuilder WordPress plugin portfolio demo

Gridbuilder WP Portfolio Demo

But, sadly, creating grid layouts for your WordPress website isn’t straightforward. Or so it used to be before the advent of WordPress grid plugins.

To create fantastic grid layouts without breaking a sweat, you need a simple but powerful WordPress grid plugin.

If you are looking for such a plugin, Gridbuilder WP fits the bill perfectly.

And in today’s review/how-to article, you discover why Gridbuilder WP is the grid and filter plugin of choice for a growing number of WordPress users. We look under the hood and play with the plugin, so you already know it’ll be fun.

Without further ado, let us roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

What is Gridbuilder WP?


Also known as WP Grid Builder, Gridbuilder WP is a beautiful WordPress plugin that allows you to create advanced grid layouts quickly. It features an intuitive user interface that is quite pleasant to use.

The plugin comes with a beautiful suite of features perfect for beginners and developers alike. For the novice, WP Grid Builder is a complete solution to create flexible and filterable grid layouts and to filter them without coding knowledge. If you are a developer, the grid builder comes with plenty of actions and functions to keep you busy.

It works with all WordPress themes and integrates with most of your favorite tools seamlessly. On top of that, the plugin comes with add-ons that supercharge your grid layouts and the search filters (know as facets).

At the time of writing, they only offer a premium



This article was written by Freddy and originally published on WPExplorer.

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