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Most customers like some form of assistance while making a purchase. They may have niggling doubts even after reading the detailed product description, reviews and FAQs. Would it not be nice to have someone from the store help you with your purchase ? Someone to whom you can keep getting back to until you are sure of your purchase ?

This is where the best live chat plugins can give you a leg up. These plugins step in smartly to do the job of sales assistant or a customer support person. They can answer all customer queries and be available 24 x 7 x 365. Your store is no longer a faceless URL, but is immediately transformed to a salesman or store owner who can hold a conversation with visitors and convert them into valuable customers.

Phone calls and emails can also do the job, but a live chat system has some advantages:

  • It doubles as a Feedback and contact system. The feedback can help you in tweaking your marketing strategy.
  • Visitors get instant and real-time support, they do not have to wait for a reply.
  • Keeping a customer engaged and in touch is likely to turn them into loyal customers.
  • It can cut down on the number of abandoned carts.
  • The chat records can be used as a ready base for future campaigns.
  • It can grow into a forum or chat support system.
  • If tickets are issued, the response is easier, as it is trackable and will not be lost sight of until resolved.
  • It can improve SEO ranking, as visitors will stay longer on your website.
  • It converts into an automated email system when you are offline helping you generate valuable leads.

There are a good many live chat plugins, from the very simple and free ones, to comprehensive premium plugins. I am listing a few of the good ones here.

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1. Support Board

Support Board is a great way to add a live chat to your WordPress site. Built with options for human agents integrated with Slack and AI driven chatbots via Dialogflow, this chat plugin is full of features to help you manage visitors’ questions. With Support Board WordPress Chat you’ll surely be able to provide a better experience for your site visitors – just install the plugin and in minutes you and your support agents (or bots) can get to work!

Support Board - Chat WordPress Plugin

As mentioned, Support Board integrated with Slack and Dialogflow and offers plenty of rich message types that your agents or bots can use in their responses. These include buttons, dropdown lists, a list of text inputs, email submission form, registration form, timetable, articles, static text list (with or without titles), tables and a form to rate the agent. Or you can create



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Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, We may receive an affiliate commission.

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