The Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Effective Email Marketing

The Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Effective Email Marketing (2020)
  • By Dianna Gunn
  • February 24, 2020

Mailchimp is one of the best-known email marketing tools available — it used to offer some of the highest-quality newsletter services around, and its newsletter tool still includes a vast selection of professional features. For many years, its free and low-cost plans made it one of the best options for small-to-medium-sized businesses. So, why are many people now searching for Mailchimp alternatives?

The answer comes in the form of two major changes Mailchimp made in 2019. First, it pivoted to become a full-service marketing tool, with an entirely new pricing plan. Second, it released new Terms of Service. These new terms state that accounts will now be charged based on their entire audience, including subscribed, unsubscribed and transactional contacts. This artificially inflates the number of contacts you have, and, in turn, the price you pay for Mailchimp.

Worst of all, there was no advanced warning about this change to existing customers. Mailchimp only notified customers of the changes after they’d been implemented. What’s more, the email they sent to notify people of the changes to terms of service was generic and didn’t highlight the most concerning parts. Many Mailchimp users, including myself, found out the harrowing details not from Mailchimp themselves, but from third parties. In my case, this created a lack of trust that inspired me to take a closer look at Mailchimp alternatives. After all, if the company made these changes without notice, who knows what else it might change without warning?

Mailchimp also has strict limitations on the content people can send using the platform, refusing to work with companies that offer products, services or content it deems high-risk. Most items on the list are things you might expect, such as escort and dating services, but it also forbids companies with ‘work from home, make money online, and lead generation’ content. This broad terminology includes numerous types of content, including much of the content we produce right here on WinningWP.

So, if you’re looking to switch from Mailchimp, or are starting out with email marketing and want to look at the best options out there, read on for our guide to the best Mailchimp alternatives currently available.

How We Chose the Best Mailchimp Alternatives

For many years, small business owners and new entrepreneurs have relied on Mailchimp’s free plan and affordably priced premium plans. We’ve chosen to focus on email marketing tools with free and low-cost premium plans to continue serving those needs.

The best Mailchimp alternatives also offer several of the same features as Mailchimp:

  • Segmentation — This allows you to break



This article was written by Dianna Gunn and originally published on WinningWP.

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