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The time and efforts that a single marketing campaign takes to produce the desired results cannot be understated. A single marketing campaign goes through a rigorous planning and execution phase that requires a lot of time and efforts. Apart from that, monitoring and scheduling, those campaigns can also cause fatigue for marketers.

To tackle these issues, marketers often look for solutions to lighten their workload so that they can focus on more important things like strategy and planning. Marketing automation tools do just that.

Marketers are now using automation tools to improve their work efficiency which leads to better planning and execution. According to Salesforces’s report, 67% of Marketing Leaders currently use a Marketing Automation Platform and a further 21% plan to do so in 2019.

Fact check: The business for online marketing automation tools is on the rise, amounting to US$ 5.5 billions in revenue.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation helps automate marketing procedures which includes segmenting customers, customer data integration and campaign management. Marketing automation tools can target customers with automated messages, emails, web, social media, etc. Marketer and sales departments use marketing automation tools to enable online marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximize efficiency. It effectively reduces repetitive tasks, whereas, employees get time to tackle more important problems.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation adds value to your business. It provides benefits to small businesses to stay competitive. Apart from that, it also helps corporate organizations to maintain and manage the demands of their customers easily.

Let me share some core benefits of marketing automation:

  • Time-Saving: Time scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks to cope with. By leveraging marketing automation tools, you can easily schedule your campaigns and be up-to-date.
  • Increase Productivity:  By using marketing automation tools, you can increase productivity levels by eliminating time spent on nurturing unqualified leads. It helps you improve customer retention, manage multiple clients, and automate an entire funnel.
  • Multi-channel campaign management: You can track the status of all your social marketing campaigns through one marketing automation tool.
  • Improved ROI: By using marketing automation tools, it will help you specify your customers and spend your money wisely. Not only this, but it will also help improve your performance of marketing strategies and increases the conversion rate from leads to sales. Beside this, it also helps in removing non-potential leads and strengthen your funnel. That’s how marketing automation improves your ROI.

Marketing automation tools collect and use data to send personalized messages



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