5 Best Online Image Management Software (Business and Personal)

5 Best Online Image Management Software (Business and Personal)

Years back, image management meant shoving Polaroids into a shoebox and pulling them out every once in a while to reminisce. Eventually, that progressed into local storage and management – where businesses and individuals placed images on flash drives, CDs, thumb drives, and hard drives. Evolution took its course and now we see image management software that stores photos in the cloud, with versatile editing tools, and options for sharing directly to services like Flickr, Facebook, and WordPress.

Sure, it’s still a good idea to backup your images on a hard drive, but the possibilities become endless when talking about image editing and management software.

The big question is which of the software options should you consider for your purposes?

Are you running a startup with Instagram and marketing material needs? Do you go to National Parks and enjoy logging your family photos for your kids and grandkids to look at in the future? Or are you a professional wedding photographer who needs a way to instantly compile, manage, and edit photos without any hindrances?

Regardless of your situation, we’ve compiled and evaluated the top online image management tools for you.

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What is online image management software?

The goal of a quality online image management software is to organize your photos and other digital media into one centralized location.

The software should make this organization process easy for all users, even those who don’t manage photos on a regular basis.

In addition, most image managers include extra features to expand upon the rudimentary tasks of saving images and placing them into folders. For instance, we typically want to see options for image optimization, and minor editing and distribution – through email, social networks, and to business team members.

Why do you need it?

You may wonder, why can’t I use my handy old hard drive to store and manage photos?

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we recommend backing up your important photos on local hard drives as well.

However, an online image management software provides additional benefits:

  • Archiving and backup tools to free up space and to ensure the essential photos are always safe.
  • Instant sharing buttons with those in your organization, or with users outside of your organization, like on social media or email.
  • Privacy settings to block people from looking at or stealing your images.
  • Potential watermarks to add another layer of security.
  • Cloud storage so as to remove the need to keep buying and housing physical storage units in your home or office.
  • Automated duplication and backups from your local storage, even from mobile devices.
  • Usage tracking and statistics to understand storage limits and who’s utilizing your images.
  • Rapid tagging and



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