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Sometimes you might think you’re losing your mind.

You’ll be sitting there in front of your login screen for a few minutes, racking your brain for a password you’ve used a million times.

Even worse, if you can’t think of it, you’ll have to go through the exercise of resetting your password and trying to remember what the heck the answer is to your security question.

This experience is so common for so many. More than 78% of people have reset one of their passwords in the past 90 days.

To counteract this cumbersome process, many people are turning to password managers to save and store their sensitive information.

In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about password managers and highlight the best ones you should consider.

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How Does a Password Manager Work?

A password manager is a secure web-based or downloadable software on your device that enables you to store passwords, making it easier to log into your favorite accounts. Some password managers store other sensitive information including credit card information, addresses, secure notes, and more.

Many people use password managers to eliminate the need to remember all their individual passwords.

Imagine you never have to go through all the steps for resetting your password again. Instead, you can just log into your accounts in merely a few clicks.

When you go to a site to login, your passwords will autofill as long as you’re logged into your password manager.

In addition, you can leverage browser add-ons to make this process easy.

LastPass Chrome extensions

Password managers help millions of users around the world achieve that and remove the friction from their login process. Approximately 22% of Americans use a password app to manage their secure information.

All you need to do is remember the master password that you use for your password manager, and you should be all set.

Password managers also help users have a safer, more secure online footprint. Passwords can be generated and alerts will be sent to users who may have compromised accounts.

Users will also be able to create unique passwords since they don’t have to remember them.

For example, a study found that 44 million Microsoft users used the same password for more than one account.

Experts would recommend you diversify your passwords in case one account is compromised.

With a password manager, you can.

How Secure Are Password Managers?

As you can imagine, many consumers are concerned with just how secure are password managers.

The short answer: very secure.

Most password managers use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit randomly generated keys.

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