35 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

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Joining the best pay per click affiliate programs is the simplest way to make money online. You set up ads once, and they do the conversion for you.

So, turning into an ad publisher makes you money on auto-pilot. 

A PPC advert is 50% more likely to convert users than organic content. It removes the need for you to compete with other websites for ranking in difficult commercial keywords. 

While PPC works best if you have a blog with informational content, entertainment sites, and other non-commercial sites also tend to drive ample ad clicks.

There are many different PPC networks and programs you could join, but not all of them are worth the payout.

You don’t need to do the research, though – I’ve got you covered. 

You can use my hand-curated list of the best PPC affiliate programs and get a head-start.

How to Make Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Connecting with an advertiser and hosting their ads is the most direct way of making money. But there are other ways you can use PPC to make money.

You could join a PPC network. These connect you to a host of different advertisers that sell various products. PPC networks follow a “done for you” model and keep track of conversions and commissions automatically.

Several companies offer PPC management services for new websites that need a traffic boost. You can join their affiliate programs and make commissions in exchange for leads.

Also, many companies offer PPC spying products that enable webmasters to learn their competitions’ PPC strategies. These sell well, and marketing them fetches excellent commissions.

Lastly, you could target the cross-niche of landing page makers, since PPC advertisers need top-notch landing pages to convert. Selling it to the right crowd can make you a lot of money.

35 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

#1 Media.net

The Yahoo! Bing Network is the next biggest ad network after AdSense. Tapping into the network can make you a lot of money, and the proprietary contextual ads supplied makes it one of the best pay per click affiliate programs to join.

Media.net connects you to the network and enables you to earn by placing contextual, display, and native ads on your website regardless of niche.

Revenue Measure Revenue Range
eCPM $1 – $5

#2 RevenueHits

35 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog 4



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