Best Performance Appraisal Software: 10 Tools to Look Into in

Best Performance Appraisal Software: 10 Tools to Look Into in 2021

Any organization – big or small – can benefit from performance appraisal software. Usually, this type of software comes as a module in a bigger, more comprehensive HR software suite.

Performance appraisal software helps to gather continuous feedback through the year from all stakeholders. It then converts this feedback to a suitable year-end appraisal. This appraisal further helps to monitor employee progress and aid in career planning. But there’s more:

Intro to performance appraisal software

Instead of attempting just one huge year-end review, quality performance appraisal software helps to compile info about employee performance on a continuous basis. Employees can participate in setting goals, and assess and pace their progress. Management can track employee progress over time and align employee goals with the business objectives for maximum corporate gain. High-performing and under-performing employees can be identified and rewarded suitably.

Any performance appraisal tool should enable managers to monitor employee performance in a positive manner. For this purpose, it should enable collection of feedback from customers, peers and managers to do a strengths and weakness analysis. What can also help is tracking and analyzing relevant metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Apart from that, here are some other desirable features that any good performance appraisal software should offer:

  • Collecting all feedback from peers
  • Setting objectives, goals and targets
  • Linking individual goals with organizational goals
  • Measuring performance against set goals
  • Skills assessment and rating scales
  • Identifying achievements and performance gaps
  • Appraisal history tracking
  • Planning for individual development and competency management
  • Compensation management
  • Peer and self appraisals
  • Self service portal

Best performance appraisal software in 2020


Best performance appraisal software: BambooHR

? Pricing:

Pricing depends on number of employees. Free quote is available. Rates estimated to start at $4.95/mo/employee.

? Key features:

  • Brief questions to reflect employee performance accurately
  • Visual reports to compare employee performance across departments and individually
  • Identify under-performing and high-performing employees easily
  • Employees and managers can set and track multiple goals
  • Automated



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