20 Best Shoe Website Design Ideas 2024

shoe website design

Before creating your footwear page, do you want to check the best shoe website design examples?

Welcome to our collection of fantastic eCommerce website examples from brand sites to general online shoe stores.

All these websites have a responsive layout with great navigation for a fantastic online shopping experience on desktop and mobile.

But do you know what’s best?

You can easily and quickly create a similar page either using one of the best eCommerce website builders or a shoe WordPress theme. (No coding and design skills necessary!)

Let’s go.

Best Shoe Website Design Ideas For Inspiration

Built with: Magento/Adobe Commerce

Vivobarefoot has a sticky header with a mega menu, search bar, currency/language switcher, profile and cart icons and a notification bar.

It also features a slider with call-to-action (CTA) buttons, a newsletter subscription form and a handy carousel that shows their shoes in use (with links to individual categories).

Note: Vivobarefoot has a strong online presence with great storytelling that contributed to sales.

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2. Coddi

Built with: Shopify

coddi shoe website example

Coddi has a large hero image with a transparent header for a smoother appearance. There’s also a top bar notification for free shipping and a live chat widget in the bottom right corner.

What’s interesting is that Coddi doesn’t use a footer. The last thing on this clean website is a newsletter subscription form.

Note: Integrate a live chat function and use it to help users and consequently increase sales.

3. Xero Shoes

Built with: Elementor

xero shoe website example

Xero Shoes website starts with a popup that asks you to select your region. Like Vivobarefoot, Xero Shoes also has a floating header, so you always have access to the menu, the search bar, and more.

We really like the use of a down-pointing arrow in the hero section, making you want to scroll to see what it’s pointing at.

Note: Use a popup country selection if you have stores in different locations.

Check out our extensive Elementor review if you’d like to build your shoe site with WordPress.

4. Converse

Built with: Salesforce Commerce

converse shoe website example

Converse kicks things off with a language selector, which opens the local website for a better user experience.

This shoe website has a clean design with large images, hover effects and CTA buttons. There’s also a cool shoe animation that spices things up.

Moreover, the footer features four columns with multiple widgets, like newsletter, social, etc.

Note: Use a language selector to offer a localized experience.

5. UGG

Built with: Salesforce Commerce

ugg shoe website example

UGG has a catchy split-screen hero design with an image on the left and text and CTA on the right.

The page has a top bar, a navigation bar and a sliding notification bar (that you can close), but only the menu is floating.

The minimalist feel creates a pleasant shopping experience and product viewing with little-to-no distractions.

Note: Use a notification bar for free shipping, special deals, sales, etc.

6. Etnies

Built with: Shopify

etnies shoe website example

Etnies aims to capture more leads with a promotional popup, which you can close by pressing the “x” button.

This footwear site has a large slider to advertise deals, new product drops, and more. The sticky notification bar and navigation are always present to keep you strolling through the website much easier.

Finally, Etnies also includes an embedded video that features their latest project.

Note: If you have a team that produces videos for you, ensure you include them on your page.

7. Shoe Warehouse

Built with: BigCommerce

shoe warehouse website example

Shoe Warehouse is a more traditional online shoe store that carries multiple brands. The page has a large banner with text and a CTA promoting a seasonal deal (but they use it for other offers throughout the year, too).

Shoe Warehouse also has circular thumbnails promoting the more popular categories and a grid section with their top brands.

Note: Bring awareness to your special deals, new product drops or anything else you have going on with a large banner above the fold.

Do you need more ideas? Then take a peek at these ultimate BigCommerce websites.

8. Fortress

Built with: Shopify

fortress shoe website example

Fortress is a beautiful and modern shoe website with an elegant browsing experience. Their slider doesn’t include CTA buttons, but each slide is still clickable.

The header is very minimalist, with a mega menu and a search icon that opens a popup with the search bar and main menu.

We really like the shoemaker introduction section, which gives an instant impression of quality.

Note: Don’t be afraid to show the team behind the brand.

9. Nine West

Built with: Shopify

nine west shoe website example

Nine West collects emails with a large popup that offers an instant discount in exchange for an email.

The page uses a pretty large notification bar that’s impossible to miss. And while there are multiple sections, with and without animations, the browsing is pleasant and unintrusive.

One handy feature is “Shop by size” to find all shoes available in a specific size with a click.

Note: Make the notification bar (for a special deal) large enough to be easily spottable (but not too large).

10. Velasca

Built with: Shopify

velasca shoe website example

Velasca has elegance spread all over its responsive web design. It’s a minimalist shoe website with a full-screen background image above the fold – without text or CTA. The header is 100% transparent to create a more pleasant first impression.

Velasca also does a really good job at integrating an Instagram feed featuring their latest posts.

Note: Keep things elegant and stylish with a full-screen image (only) for the hero section.

11. Shoepassion

Built with: Shopify

shoepassion shoe website example

Shoepassion’s home page is very simple, with a clean header, two banners for male and female shoes side by side and accordions with more information.

The footer features multiple columns with additional links, newsletter subscription, social icons and a currency switcher.

Note: Allow male and female customers to find the right section through self-explanatory banners.

12. Nubikk

Built with: Shopware

nubikk shoe website example

Nubikk has a trendy design, with a big banner above the fold and three images below the banner that take the user to men, women and kids’ footwear.

The sliding top bar notification also has language and currency switchers for more pleasant online shopping.

But Nubikk has another notification banner about delivery, shipping and free returns that separates the site’s top and bottom half.

Note: Inform potential customers about free shipping and fast delivery.

13. Rudy’s

Built with: Shopify

rudys shoe website example

Rudy’s shoe website keeps the design clean and simple, with the sliding top bar text being the only moving element. (Okay, there’s one more thing – the larger images start zooming in on hover.)

The floating header is minimalist, but its handy mega menu is very practical.

Rudy’s also has a Facebook Messenger button for a quick chat.

Note: Facebook Messenger (don’t we all use it?) is a great way to let users get in touch with you.

14. Volta

Built with: Sage Starter Theme

volta shoe website example

One of Volta’s key characteristics is that they don’t make it feel like they’re trying to sell you anything. They’re keeping everything very low-key.

The header is also one of the cleanest, just like the rest of the website. Also, the footer almost doesn’t appear like a traditional footer.

Furthermore, the big, bold, sticky bottom screen newsletter subscription banner is hard to miss.

Note: When you aim for a minimalist look, apply it to content use, header and footer.

15. Hanon

Built with: Shopify

hanon shoe website example

Hanon is an awesome sneaker, shoe and clothing website with one of the best headers we’ve ever seen. The half-white, half-black layout looks rad, and it sticks.

Hanon then uses a large hero image to promote new product drops with text and a CTA.

They also have another floating element/bar at the bottom of the screen promoting their blog, IG shop and subscription form.

Note: Try adding another sticky bar at the bottom of the screen (but make it as minimalist as possible).

16. Undefeated

Built with: Shopify

undefeated shoe website example

Undefeated rocks one of the simplest home pages that we’ve stumbled across. It has a clean header, a slider, four banners for four products and a footer that’s equally clean as the header.

Also, Undefeated opted for a boxed layout, which only comes to show on larger screens.

Note: Keep your home page uncomplicated but with the necessary links to help visitors find what they need quickly.

17. Wethenew

Built with: Shopify

wethenew shoe website example

Wethenew gives you a lot of sneakers to flip through, with three carousels on the home page. Luckily, they use enough white space to keep the experience pleasant.

The header has a hamburger menu icon and a large search bar. But the footer is widget-rich, including Trustpilot reviews, newsletter subscription, social icons and multiple links.

Note: Keep the header cleaner with a hamburger menu icon.

18. Kikscrew

Built with: Shopify

kikscrew shoe website example

Even though Kikscrew is a shoe website with A LOT of items on the home page, they keep the design light for a great scrolling and viewing encounter.

This lets the visitor quickly peek at the latest drops and sale items without doing extra searching.

Of course, the floating header is always available to find something more specific through drop-down navigation or a search bar.

Note: Ensure enough white space if you add many products on a single page.

19. Kikikickz

Built with: Shopify

kikikickz shoe website example

Kikikickz has one of the more interesting approaches to header and site navigation. The menu isn’t in the header but in the sidebar, and it’s transparent. Also, it expands immediately after you hover over it.

However, the header becomes more traditional when scrolling and floats at the screen’s top.

We also like the carousel, which promotes some collections, and the sliding top bar with notifications.

Note: Mimic Kikikickz’s navigation approach, and do things differently.

20. Sneaker Politics

Built with: Shopify

sneaker politics shoe website example

Sneaker Politics home page isn’t as content and products-heavy as some other shoe websites, but it still features a large slider, a carousel of their latest drops and featured blogs, to name a few.

The top bar has a free shipping notification, and the header has simple navigation with profile, search and cart icons.

You’ll also notice a small (sticky) “Politics VIP club” in the bottom left corner that opens a newsletter subscription form on click.

Note: Let users access their profiles easily via the clickable icon in the header.

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