20 Best Squarespace eCommerce Templates 2024

squarespace ecommerce templates

If you’re looking for the perfect Squarespace eCommerce templates, you’re in luck.

We’ve spent many hours scouring the web to investigate various beautiful designs to create a collection where everyone can find something for their needs.

Whether you’re running a single-product online shop or selling many items, we have something for you here.

What’s important to note about these templates is that they all are highly versatile and adaptable.

This means that while they can work fantastically well out of the box, you can also entirely customize them to your wants.

And it’s so easy to do – without any prior coding and design skills.

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect backdrop to showcase your products and boost your sales.

This post covers:

Best Squarespace eCommerce Templates

Are you ready to revamp your online store? Check out these top Squarespace eCommerce templates that blend functionality with eye-catching design to elevate your business.

Need inspiration? Check these epic Squarespace eCommerce examples.

1. Spotted

If you’re an artist looking to sell prints, merch, or other goodies online, Spotted is the Squarespace template that will do the trick.

It has a clean and simple design to ensure your items, works and other useful information pops more.

Besides the whole online shop section, Spotted also includes pages for About, Contact and other essentials.

With that in mind, it requires very little work and effort on your end to establish an artistic eCommerce site.

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2. Idrah

idrah squarespace ecommerce template

Idrah is a Squarespace eCommerce template with heaps of goodies for your convenience.

First, it has a top bar notification, which you can use for special announcements, new product drops, free shipping, etc.

Then there’s a clean header with social media icons, menu links and login and shopping cart. On the contrary, the footer also maintains the simplistic look with quick links, social icons and a newsletter subscription widget.

Shop category pages have a pleasant grid layout with large thumbnails, so skimming through items is easy and quick.

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3. Jotterpress

jotterpress squarespace ecommerce template

Jotterpress triggers interest with the larger image-only slideshow above the fold. (If you want, you can also make slides clickable.)

Light design across the header and base is accompanied by a contrasting dark footer, making the additional business info, quick links and form stand out more.

Moreover, Jotterpress also has various animations that spice up the browsing experience, a simple yet compelling About page, and a predefined FAQs section.

If you dig minimalism and are into selling books, magazines, etc., Jotterpress is an excellent Squarespace template that’ll do the trick.

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4. Anise

anise squarespace fashion template

Anise is all about elegance and luxuriousness and is a perfect candidate for an online jewelry store.

This Squarespace eCommerce template knows how to make a strong and lasting first impression with its simplicity. The header, base and footer all have the same background color, which smoothes things out.

Anise equips you with all the must-have internal pages, including an online journal where you can announce new product drops and share tips, tricks and other practical information.

Furthermore, the shop page has a secondary navigation to find the category you’re interested in quickly. And the product pages contain a slider for showcasing items from all angles and then some.

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5. Galena

galena squarespace luxury template

Galena creates a trendy and lively vibe with its design to bring your eCommerce products front and center.

This Squarespace template loads content while you scroll for a better user experience, enhanced with catchy animations.

What I enjoy about Galena is its basicness when it comes to internal pages, bringing you only Shop, About Contact, and FAQs (with accordions). Sure, you might want to add a blog, too, but if you don’t plan to update it frequently, it’s better to avoid it.

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6. Zaatar

zaatar squarespace luxury template

Zaatar is an engaging Squarespace eCommerce template with a hero image, overlayed text and a CTA button that solidifies on hover.

The header is pretty basic and transparent, while the footer is multi-column and dark. Both do the trick for site navigation and getting visitors to the location they want.

Remember, Zaatar comes the perfect solution for an online shoe store, still, you can easily alter it to something else.

Besides the eCommerce part, you can also start a blog, which can be highly useful in driving more customers.

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7. Alameda

alameda squarespace fashion template

Alameda is a Squarespace eCommerce template that is all about simplicity and style. It sports a clean, minimalist design with a consistent white background from the header to the footer.

The homepage showcases products in a neat four-column grid, making browsing a breeze. There’s also handy secondary navigation for categories.

Plus, it includes a functional contact form, a spot for newsletter sign-ups, and social media icons in the footer.

Alameda is perfect for keeping things straightforward yet chic.

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8. Crosby


Crosby’s Squarespace template stands out with its sleek, dark design. It features a cool header that vanishes and reappears as you scroll down or up.

Animated images add a dynamic touch, and there’s a prominent shopping cart icon for easy access in the navbar.

The newsletter section is large and in charge, while the footer keeps things minimal.

Last but not least, the contact page surprises with a unique popup form – a fresh twist.

Crosby is perfect for a modern, edgy online store vibe.

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9. Hester

hester squarespace template shop

Hester is a Squarespace eCommerce template with a full-screen above-the-fold section that triggers interest right from the get-go.

The header features a three-link menu, login links, and a shopping cart icon while remaining tidy and transparent. The footer maintains a similar vibe, with business details and social media icons.

The overall design of Hester contains lots of white space, so all your items get the necessary shine they deserve.

Utilize the About and Blog pages, fill the eCommerce section with your products and start your online business strong.

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10. Ventura

ventura squarespace ecommerce template

The Ventura Squarespace template delivers your online store’s modern, minimal style. With that in mind, it easily adapts to various industries and niches for your convenience.

It keeps it clean with essential menu links and handy icons for social media and the shopping cart in the header.

The shop page features a spacious three-column grid, showcasing your products beautifully. Each product page offers a “related products” section to encourage more browsing (& shopping).

The footer is basic but functional, and there’s an integrated contact form for easy customer connections.

Ventura is modern simplicity at its best.

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11. Altaloma

altaloma squarespace luxury template

One thing I like about Altaloma is that it doesn’t feel like an eCommerce template. Sure, shop buttons reveal its online store capabilities, but the home page keeps it very clean, with images, text and white space.

If you plan to sell soaps online, go with Altaloma. But Altaloma is easy to alter and modify to your needs, so feel free to use it for something else.

Enjoy the predefined Journal, About and Contact page, use the subscription form in the footer and display your stockists with a dedicated page.

Altaloma is ready for you to make a difference.

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12. Skyloop

skyloop squarespace fashion template

Skyloop is a Squarespace template that brings an energetic vibe to your eCommerce site. As you scroll, content and products smoothly reveal themselves, keeping engagement high.

It features animated backgrounds that add a lively touch to your browsing experience. But it’s also possible to make them static.

For user convenience, there are login and sign-up popup forms right at your fingertips. Do you need to build anything from scratch? Not really!

Plus, it includes all the essential pages you need – like sizing, shipping, and gift cards – making it practical while still looking fresh and fun.

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13. Hales

hales squarespace template shop

The Hales Squarespace eCommerce template, with its strong focus on images, is ideal for showcasing visuals – ideal for an online flower shop.

It features a floating header that keeps menu links and a shopping cart icon always accessible. In addition, the footer is large but minimalist, equipped with quick links, social icons, and a subscription form.

Simple product pages keep the shopping experience straightforward. Furthermore, there’s a masonry-style image gallery grid and a contact form with a handy drop-down for you to benefit from.

Hales mixes beautiful with functionality extremely well.

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14. Tresoire

tresoire squarespace luxury template

Tresoire’s black design is all about creating a strong and lasting first impression. Note that it’s not black throughout – for instance, the shop section is light and bright.

The home page is a gorgeous grid, appearing as a lookbook to quickly showcase your latest pieces.

Both the header and the footer and minimalistic, keeping the elegant flow intact.

What’s more, on the product pages, you’ll notice a split-screen design: images on the left, sticky description, and “add to cart” button on the left.

Tresoire is a real treasure of web design goodies for a top-class online store creation.

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15. Maca


Maca starts with a top bar notification for special announcements, product drops, or free shipping. Then, there’s a basic header, both of which stick to the top of the screen.

Maca has a hero image to keep the above-the-fold more engaging, animated thumbnails and product carousels, to name a few.

In general, the template design sticks to a simpler vibe with a contrasting dark footer with multiple columns for menu and social links.

What’s more, you get contact and newsletter subscription forms integrated and ready to use right away.

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16. Camdez


Camdez takes it to the next level with its minimalist atmosphere that’s proven to create a pleasant browsing and shopping experience.

This Squarespace eCommerce template is another gem of quality, practicality and ease of use that’ll take your online presence to the next level.

It has plenty of white space for the ultimate readability, with a dark area for a more dynamic feel.

The shop page has a sidebar category navigation, while product pages come with a slider for displaying multiple views and angles.

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17. Saltless

saltless squarespace template shop

Saltless is all about originality with its contemporary design.

This Squarespace template sports a simple header that keeps things neat, paired with a multi-column footer packed with useful links and a spot for newsletter sign-ups.

As you scroll, some content cleverly reveals itself, adding a layer of engagement.

Furthermore, the shop page features a product grid where thumbnails show a secondary image on hover, creating a dynamic browsing experience. Also, product pages are extensive, including a slider to showcase your items beautifully.

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18. Seen

seen squarespace fashion template

Seen’s Squarespace template makes a bold statement right from the start. It kicks off with a striking image-only hero section, quickly followed by sliding text on a contrasting dark background for dramatic effect.

The template boasts a small, clean white header and a large, impactful dark footer. Perfect for social butterflies, there’s a dedicated section ready for your Instagram feed.

The shop page displays a tidy four-column product grid, while product pages feature a sticky info section alongside additional images and details.

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19. Wesley

wesley squarespace ecommerce template

Wesley is a Squarespace template that is a winner for any online pet store with its harmonious design, featuring a unified background color from header to footer.

It makes shopping effortless with simple, intuitive shop pages and a product image slider that showcases items stunningly.

A slick product carousel and a testimonial slider can engage visitors and boost credibility. There’s also a handy subscription form to grow your email list and consequently, you business.

Wesley is all about ease and elegance in one package.

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20. Mariana


The Mariana template is perfect for a streamlined, one-page eCommerce layout. It features a transparent floating header, equipped with easy-access social and shopping cart icons, keeping everything you need just a click away.

The design features large image background sections that draw the eye but enhanced with more visual and written content.

Each product page is simple yet effective, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. There’s also a lightbox gallery to showcase your products in style and a subscription form to keep your customers connected.

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How To Make An eCommerce Website With Squarespace

  1. Sign up and select a plan: Start by creating an account on Squarespace.com and choose a plan that suits your business needs. eCommerce features are available on Business plans and higher.
  2. Choose your template: Browse through the eCommerce templates above and pick one that aligns with your brand and the type of products you’ll be selling.
  3. Customize your design: Use the drag-and-drop editor to tweak the template. You can customize everything from fonts and colors to page layouts and navigation to match your brand’s style.
  4. Add products: Head over to the “Commerce” section and add your products. Include high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and pricing for each item.
  5. Set up payments: Connect a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal to accept payments. Squarespace supports various payment methods, making it easy for customers to buy from you.
  6. Preview and publish: Preview your site to ensure everything looks and works smoothly. Once you’re happy with it, hit publish to go live with your brand-new eCommerce website.

FAQs About Squarespace eCommerce Templates

Can I sell both physical and digital products on Squarespace?

Yes, you can sell both physical and digital products. Squarespace lets you easily set up different product types in your store settings.

Does Squarespace support inventory management?

Yes, Squarespace includes inventory management features that let you track stock levels, set up alerts, and manage your inventory directly from your dashboard.

Can I connect my Squarespace store to social media platforms?

Yes. You can link your store to various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to sell directly through these channels.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can sell?

No, Squarespace does not limit the number of products you can list on your store. However, site performance may vary based on your plan.

Can I offer discount codes or gift cards?

Yes, you can create and manage discount codes and gift cards. These features are built into the Commerce plans, allowing you to run promotions and boost sales.

Does Squarespace provide SEO tools to help my store rank better?

Yes, Squarespace provides built-in SEO tools that help optimize your site for search engines, including customizable URLs, meta tags, and sitemaps.

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