10 Best Squarespace Real Estate Templates 2024

squarespace real estate templates

Welcome to our guide on the best Squarespace real estate templates for professionals!

Squarespace offers a variety of stunning, user-friendly designs to help you stand out in the market.

It doesn’t matter if you want to showcase your property portfolio, build a real estate brand, promote your Airbnb, or provide valuable information to clients; there’s a template for you.

In this article, we’ll look closely at some of the top Squarespace templates perfect for real estate websites.

They are built with all the essentials in mind to ensure your brand stands out from the masses.

Hint: Even if you’ve never built a website, you’ll make it happen fast with Squarespace. (More below.)

This post covers:

Best Best Squarespace Real Estate Templates

These picks are tailored to showcase properties in their best light and engage potential clients effectively.

1. Cailles

The Cailles Squarespace template stands out for its elegant, minimalist site design, tailored for real estate professionals.

Its transparent header neatly houses essential links and a prominent contact CTA, ensuring key actions are always within reach.

A captivating full-screen background image immediately engages visitors, while the template’s focus on imagery and generous white space enhances readability and visual appeal.

Additionally, a sleek subscription form encourages engagement, and a clean, basic footer neatly rounds off the design.

More info / Download

2. Palermo

palermo squarespace template

The Palermo template for Squarespace is a gem for real estate sites, featuring a grid image portfolio that beautifully showcases properties.

Its light design, marked by a white header, base, and footer, exudes elegance and simplicity.

Strategic CTAs in the navigation bar and throughout the layout prompt visitor action, enhancing lead generation.

Specialized listing and contact pages come alive with Google Maps integration, offering an intuitive experience for users to explore locations.

Palermo’s cohesive design elements create a seamless and engaging online presence for real estate businesses.

More info / Download

3. Arch&Gold

arch gold squarespace template

Arch&Gold stands out with its versatile light and dark page options, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. We really like the dark ones!

This Squarespace real estate template boasts twelve pre-made pages, ensuring a comprehensive online presence. You don’t have to build anything from scratch.

It comes enriched with Canva graphics, allowing for easy customization to suit your brand.

The template features a user-friendly drop-down menu for effortless navigation, and its four-column footer is thoughtfully designed with contact details, social media icons, and additional menu links.

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4. Sojourner

sojourner squarespace template

The Sojourner Squarespace template captivates with its modern look, combining large, striking images with warm patterns to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Designed to reveal content gracefully upon scrolling, it engages visitors and guides them through the site seamlessly.

This template is not just about aesthetics; it includes functional blog and shop pages, an opt-in form to capture leads, and a detailed footer showcasing your business location and contact details.

Sojourner is a comprehensive solution for rental businesses seeking to make an impact online.

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5. Steel

steel squarespace template

Steel Squarespace template impresses with its bold color scheme and impactful yet simple design.

Its dynamic header vanishes as you scroll, reappearing when moving back to the top, adding a sleek touch. This is also a great strategy to boost user experience, making navigation easy to access.

Engaging animations, a testimonial slider, and a carousel for property listings enhance interactivity, while the parallax effect adds depth.

With multiple internal pages for listings, about, and contact information, Steel offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for real estate pros looking to stand out.

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6. Angela

angela squarespace template

The Steel Squarespace template is a masterpiece of minimalism, featuring thin, elegant borders that frame its content beautifully.

With over ten ready-to-use pages, including about, services, blog, FAQs, and legal, it’s designed to meet all your real estate website needs.

The template enhances engagement through animated text, social links, and a subscription form.

A standout feature is its predefined section for showcasing an Instagram feed, inviting a visual connection.

The feature-rich footer further enriches the user experience, making Steel a comprehensive and stylish choice for real estate businesses.

More info / Download

7. Leasio

leasio squarespace template

Leasio is an impressive Squarespace real estate template with its complete, ready-to-use pages, designed for fast execution.

The background graphics are thoughtfully provided in PNG and PSD formats for easy customization.

Its modern and clean design features a light color palette complemented by bold black typography and CTAs, creating a striking and actionable contrast.

Social media buttons, a subscription form, and a contact form popup are seamlessly integrated, making Leasio a compelling choice for your real estate business.

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8. Modern Real Estate

modern real estate squarespace template

The Modern Real Estate Squarespace template is a comprehensive solution for experts, featuring many pages, such as home, about, team, work, properties, and expertise.

But don’t get me wrong, you don’t need expert dev and design knowledge to build a website with it. Anyone can do it!

Its sophisticated design is enhanced by a dynamic header that disappears and reappears for a sleek browsing experience and social media icons for easy sharing.

The template incorporates accordions and a testimonial carousel to present information effectively.

Furthermore, its feature-rich yet minimalist footer ensures key information is easy to reach without overwhelming the design.

More info / Download

9. Halifax

halifax squarespace template

The Halifax Squarespace real estate template offers a unique blend of functionality and style, featuring customizable Canva graphics for a personalized touch.

Its big image-only slider captures attention, while a conveniently placed booking button in the navigation bar enhances user interaction.

The design is airy, with plenty of white space, creating a clean, uncluttered look.

A large testimonial section with images builds trust, and a dedicated area for an Instagram feed in the footer connects social content optimally.

More info / Download

10. Handshake

handshake squarespace template

The Handshake template is a standout with its minimalist design, artfully combining light and dark sections for a dynamic visual touch.

It features accordions for efficient content organization and a back-to-top button for easy navigation.

The portfolio section, equipped with a sleek carousel, showcases properties elegantly.

Business and contact details are strategically placed in the footer for accessibility alongside a subscription widget, boosting user engagement.

Handshake’s balanced design and functionality make it an excellent choice for anyone in the real estate world aiming for a modern, clean website.

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How To Make A Real Estate Website With Squarespace

Creating a real estate website with Squarespace requires no coding knowledge. Follow these simple steps to get your site up and running:

  1. Sign up/log in: Start by visiting the Squarespace website. Sign up if you’re a new user or log into your account if you already have one.
  2. Pick a template: Browse the Squarespace template library, focusing on the real estate category. But ideally, select the template from the above collection because they work.
  3. Customize: Use the Squarespace editor to personalize your chosen template. Modify the layout, colors, fonts, and add your own custom elements like logos and taglines.
  4. Add content: Create pages for your listings, about us, contact information, testimonials, and any other relevant information. Use high-quality images and compelling descriptions for each property.
  5. Integrate features: Utilize Squarespace’s built-in features, such as contact forms, maps, and social media links, to enhance your site’s functionality. Pro tip: Consider adding a blog to share industry insights and news.
  6. Preview and publish: Once satisfied with your site, preview it to ensure everything looks good on desktop and mobile. Make any necessary adjustments, then publish your site to make it live.

See, that wasn’t too bad, right?

One more thing: Do you need to boost your creativity? That’s great; we have a list of the best Squarespace website examples you’ll enjoy.

FAQs About Squarespace Real Estate Templates

Can I integrate MLS listings into my Squarespace real estate website?

Yes, you can integrate MLS listings into your Squarespace site through 3rd-party services or widgets that provide MLS integration. You’ll need to embed the service’s code into your site, often using a Code Block or custom integrations.

Are Squarespace real estate templates mobile-responsive?

Yes. All Squarespace templates are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring your real estate website looks great and functions smoothly on any device.

Can I customize a real estate template to match my brand?

Yes, Squarespace offers extensive customization options for any template. You can alter colors, fonts, page layouts, and more to align with your brand’s specific needs.

Is it possible to add a blog to my Squarespace real estate website?

Yes. Squarespace makes it easy to add a blog section to your website. Blogging can be a powerful tool to share market insights, home buying tips, and featured listings, helping to engage visitors and improve SEO.

How can I optimize my Squarespace real estate website for search engines?

Squarespace provides built-in SEO tools to help optimize your site. This includes customizable page titles and descriptions, clean HTML markup for easy indexing, and automatic sitemaps. Utilizing keywords relevant to your local real estate market and consistently updating your site with fresh content can also boost your SEO.

Can I track the performance of my real estate website on Squarespace?

Yes, Squarespace includes analytics tools that track your website’s performance, including page views, visitor sources, and more. You can also connect Google Analytics for more in-depth insights into your website’s traffic and user behavior.

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