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Best Tech Comics of 2020

Best tech comics of 2020 (so far) with CodeinWP: on the evolution of bugs, freelancing, digital nomad and the life of the intern ?

One person’s bug is another person’s feature

“Feature” is simply the name we give our mistakes.

Freelancing doesn’t mean free

Real job - Best Tech Comics of 2020

If your experience happens outside the Fortune 500, did it really happen?

The modem is blinking but there’s nothing streaming

Dev vs client - Best Tech Comics of 2020

This is the kind of guy who takes a screenshot with a canon.

Zen and the art of website development lifecycles

Dev guru - Best Tech Comics of 2020

As you relax, remember the developer’s mantra: I am a magnet for low TTFB, high security, and better traffic.

Through the looking glass

Front end vs back end - Best Tech Comics of 2020

If that’s the difference between the front and back end, then where does the full-stack developer sit?

Best practices of web development for co-habitation



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