The 20 Best Typography Tutorials for Web Designers

The 20 Best Typography Tutorials for Web Designers | Elementor

Some web designers may consider typography to be among the least important elements of web design, but it can make or break user experience in a number of ways. 

Good typography choices can strengthen legibility, readability, brand identity, accessibility, and conversion rate. Bad typography choices, on the other hand, can weaken those factors and ruin the user’s experience. 

Typography, then, is an important aspect of web design, and something that every designer should learn when they start a web design business. Thankfully, the web is full of helpful typography tutorials and courses for web designers.

In this article, we are going to review 20 web design tutorials. While many of these tutorials are available for free online, we’ve included some paid online courses as well. After all, when you’re trying to find web design work, you need to be able to set yourself apart, and having a certificate of completion from a recognized institution or course provider can help with that.

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This article was written by Sergei Davidov and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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