36 Best WooCommerce Themes to Dress Up Your Ecommerce Site

36 Best WooCommerce Themes to Dress Up Your Ecommerce Site

We all know and love WordPress for its blogging capabilities.

But what about turning a WordPress site into something more? What about selling physical or digital items through WordPress?

As many of you may know, there’s no need to go with another platform for launching an ecommerce store, all thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. It’s an incredible solution for turning your site into an online store, and you typically don’t have to pay for many extensions. The only downside is that there are so many WooCommerce themes to choose from.

That’s why we’re covering the best WooCommerce themes for you to cut down on your searching and spend more time building a website!

Where to Buy and Download the Best WooCommerce Themes

Some folks might be strictly looking for free WooCommerce themes. Others are only interested in the best premium themes. It doesn’t matter which group you fall into, but you should know the right sites to go to if you’re looking to avoid unreputable themes.

Articles like this are excellent options for finding curated lists to get started with your search. However, we also want to give you some marketplaces and libraries with the best WooCommerce themes, considering you can always go back to these and see ratings and reviews for future themes.

To find the best free WooCommerce themes, go to:

To find the best paid WooCommerce themes, go to:

What to Look for in the Best WooCommerce Themes

All development jobs are different, so it’s important to find themes that cover the majority of them. The less you have to get into custom coding work the better. So, what are some of the primary features you should seek out when researching the best WooCommerce themes?

  • Demo pages and designs that allow you to cut out the majority of coding and design work. For instance, some themes have large packs of demos for instantly launching homepages for different industries. You may also see demos for things like About Us pages and contact forms.
  • An easy WooCommerce integration tool that configures most of the online store for you. WooCommerce does much of this for you, but there are many themes that add some extra steps along the way.
  • Ecommerce-based design elements such as animated shopping cart icons and product collection galleries.
  • Mobile interfaces for when your customers are shopping on smaller devices.
  • A visual customizer or drag and drop interface for designing your website in a more visual manner. You also want to have an area to customize the HTML and CSS, just in case.
  • Integrations with other eCommerce and page building plugins. There are so many ecommerce plugins and extensions out there. Make sure you check to see if your favorites are supported or test it out yourself.
  • Translation tools for when you plan on expanding your store to other markets, or if you



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