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3 of the Best WordPress Backup Solutions - ManageWP

Backing up your website is one of the most essential WordPress management tasks. Learning about the best WordPress backup solutions can help you maintain a solid schedule and stay prepared for any kind of emergency!

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is something happening to destroy their site. It doesn’t matter if your site’s files are deleted accidentally or if a malicious hacker takes the whole thing down – either way, you don’t want to see years of hard work go down the drain.

The best way to prevent those scenarios is by backing up your website. For WordPress users, there are a variety of solutions for creating and maintaining backups. That way, you can easily restore your site in the event that something goes wrong.

In this post, we’ll explore why it’s so important to have a backup solution for your WordPress site. Then we’ll share three of the best ways to create your backups. Let’s dive in!

Why It’s Crucial to Keep Backups of Your WordPress Site

No matter how careful or experienced you are, there’s always a chance that the unexpected might happen and compromise your site. A simple human error made while editing your site’s files, migrating to a new host, or a number of other tasks could be a mistake that deletes or destroys your site.

Plus, if malicious hackers get through your security precautions and gain access to your site, they too could destroy files. Server crashes, an insecure web host, and plenty of other errors can also interfere with your site, either on a small or a large scale.

In many of these scenarios, your users will no longer have access to any of the information they’ve stored on your site, nor will they be able to use your services. If your income is dependent upon your website, this could impact your livelihood significantly.

In other words, the stakes are pretty high when it comes to having backups of your website on hand. If you keep your backups current, then you can simply restore your site using copies of your files and database in the event that they become compromised.

You’ll want to back up your site like this regularly. Websites with a lot of dynamic or changing content often back up daily, or even multiple times each day. If your website is mostly static pages, on the other hand, you may be able to get away with less frequent backups. Still, it’s better to have too many backups than too few.

Additionally, it’s smart to keep multiple copies of your backups, and save them in various locations. That way, if one is unavailable when you need it for some reason, you can simply access a different one and restore your site with that copy instead.

3 of the Best WordPress Backup Solutions

When it comes to creating backups of your WordPress site, you have several options. Below, we’ll look at three of the most common solutions.

1. Back Up WordPress Manually

While it’s not the easiest method, creating a WordPress backup manually is still a solid technique when you



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