What is the Best WordPress Form Plugin?


If there’s one thing WordPress has a lot of, it’s form plugins. Despite offering similar core functionality, these various WordPress form plugins are definitely not created equal; and with so many choices out there, how do we know which form plugin is best for our own WordPress projects?

You’re in the right place. ? Read on for the complete, honest breakdown of the best WordPress form plugins, and our clear recommendations for which ones you should use yourself.

The Best WordPress Form Plugins—the TL;DR

If you want to skip the in-depth reviews and get straight to the good stuff, here you go:

Best Free WordPress Form Plugin

Ninja Forms. If you’re on a budget, Ninja Forms Lite is the best free WordPress form plugin of the ones I looked at. It’s straightforward to use, lets you build most forms, stores entries for you, and protects against spam.

Best Premium WordPress Form Plugin

Gravity Forms. It’s a close-run race between the top three of Gravity Forms, WPForms, and Ninja Forms, but my top pick is Gravity Forms. As it’s been developed over years, Rocketgenius have engineered a lot of functionality into the core plugin, and it offers more add-ons than its rivals.

The main complaints with Gravity Forms are the lack of form templates, and form previews not reflecting your theme style; however, these aren’t enough to keep it from the top spot.

WPForms or Ninja Forms are also fine choices, but their renewal costs are higher than Gravity Forms. Of those two, I found WPForms a little more user friendly and functional—for example, WPForms has an add-on for surveys and polls, while Ninja Forms does not.

That’s the core of it. Read on for in-depth context and analysis on our choice of the best WordPress form plugins.

What WordPress Form Plugins are Useful For

Forms on your WordPress site are a crucial way for your visitors to communicate with you. Aside from the (comment) forms baked into WordPress, most sites have a contact form for fielding visitor inquiries, and the way to get these forms is through a WordPress form plugin.

If you want to get more creative, you can also use forms for the following purposes:

  • Add email addresses to a subscription list
  • Register users on your site, and allow them to edit their profiles on the front end
  • Survey your visitors
  • Allow users to upload content, say, for sending in a resume or submitting a post
  • Take payments and donations – if you don’t want to build a full ecommerce store, a form can do the job

To add contact forms or other forms, you’ll need to add a form plugin to your site.

How We Tested: What Features Should a WordPress Form Plugin Have?

To determine which is the best WordPress form plugin, let’s take a look at what you should expect to get with them.

1.     Forms



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