4 Best WordPress LMS Plugins Compared –

4 Best WordPress LMS Plugins Compared – 2020

If you’re looking for a way to deliver an online course, complete with all the traditional tools and features of a learning management system, then some of the learning management plugins available for WordPress might be able to provide all the functionality you need.

By installing the free WordPress content management system, and then one of these online course delivery plugins, you can have your own eLearning platform for a fraction of the price of an enterprise system like Blackboard, albeit on a much smaller scale.

What is a Learning Management System Plugin?

A learning management system plugin is a piece of software that helps you create, deliver, and manage online courses to people. It also comes with features to help you document, track, and report back to students as they progress through your courses.

Learning management systems are very flexible. They offer website owners the ability to create content, make changes and update information, and manage all the admin tasks from one convenient location. Plus, they make eLearning a cinch for students. All they have to do to access your online courses is log into their account, which is set up on your website.

Membership Plugins vs. Learning Management System Plugins

If you are new to online learning, then it might seem like a membership plugin such as WishList Member could handle the functionality required, such as registering users and restricting access to content on your site.

However, eLearning plugins have learning specific features at their disposal that make them ideal for delivering learning and teaching online. In fact, they go above and beyond what a WordPress membership plugin might.

For example, LMS plugins includes features like:

  • Quizzes
  • Conditional course progression
  • Student gradebooks
  • Lessons
  • Module and course structures

Perhaps best of all, learning management system plugins bring the element of gamification to online learning. In other words, you students will be able to experience game-like features such as point scoring, competition with other students, rules of play, and so much more – all while learning.

So while there is some overlap between the two, and many people choose to integrate a membership plugin with their eLearning WordPress site, they do offer distinctly different functionality.

What to Look for in an LMS Plugin

Before we dive into the best eLearning and LMS options for WordPress, here’s what you should look for in your solution:

  • Course Building: you want to be able to create interactive, dynamic, and exciting content for your students. This includes PDFs, videos, and more. Make sure you have access to a solid page builder as well, especially if this is the first time you’re creating an online course.
  • Content Dripping: this feature is great for slowly and progressively releasing course materials to students as



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