Best WordPress Membership Plugins for

best WordPress membership plugins

The best WordPress membership plugins can help you create new income streams and build a thriving, like-minded community from your WordPress website. Finding a WordPress membership plugin can be a daunting task, depending on your needs.

WordPress membership plugins exist today in varying degrees of complexity. Some WordPress membership plugins allow you to add a phone number, address, or maybe some security info, and that is it. While other plugins offer member tiers and the means to build a complex profile with unmatched security protocols.

In this post, we’ll cover the best WordPress membership plugins for 2021.

WordPress membership plugins are a dime a dozen, but decent WordPress membership plugins are few and far between. That’s why in this post we’ll be taking a look at the best WordPress membership plugins and what makes a useful WordPress membership plugin. Let’s get started on finding out what the best WordPress membership plugins are! 

What is a WordPress Membership Plugin?

A WordPress membership plugin allows you to sell memberships (sometimes called subscriptions) and offer “members-only” content from your WordPress website.

Memberships or subscriptions are a special type of digital e-commerce good that gives members or subscribers access to “members-only” content that is gated behind a paywall and account login.

Examples of membership websites include:

WordPress membership plugins, at the most basic level, provide you with the ability to restrict exclusive content to members or subscribers, offer subscription packages, accept payments, along with a variety of other useful features depending on which plugin you choose.

Most WordPress membership plugins offer:

  • Ability to sell memberships or subscriptions directly from your WordPress website using a payment gateway
  • Multiple membership levels (with the ability for members to upgrade/downgrade)
  • A member “dashboard” or account management area
  • The ability to restrict website content to specific member or subscription levels

What to Look for in a WordPress Membership Plugin 

WordPress membership plugins can be used to run any type of website from online e-learning websites through to tutorial-based websites, coaches, product/discount websites and so many more. 

But because of the number of different types of websites that a WordPress membership plugin can be used for, it can be difficult for the developers of the plugin to satisfy everyone. 

When it comes to WordPress membership plugins, don’t pay as much attention to negative reviews. In the WordPress membership plugin space, take them with a pinch of salt as sometimes people are looking to achieve the impossible and won’t take no for an answer. 

Ease of use

WordPress membership plugins are complex and as such setting them up can require you to



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