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Mobile Internet users have increased dramatically over the past few years. Mobile traffic now accounts for 50.4% of the total internet traffic. Statista reported that 61% of total searches done on Google are done from mobile. These days, even search engines give more preference to mobile-friendly websites than their counterparts.

That basically means that, if you’re not optimizing your website for mobile, you are going to lose a huge chunk of traffic. Also, if your website is mobile responsive but slow, you’ll still lose out to competitors with faster loading websites.

Fortunately, there is something that you can do to avoid this situation. You can use plugins to create a website that’s fast, responsive, and adaptive. They also add a host of features to your website. You can integrate them yourself, or you can hire software developers to build a mobile-responsive website for you.

Either way, integrating plugins will allow you to customize your website, improve search engine rank, and enhance security – especially if you use the following ones in your WordPress site.

It’s a popular lightweight WordPress plugin designed to create responsive websites for mobile. It creates two versions for your website, mobile-optimized and standard. Mobile optimized versions are faster and easier to read on smartphones. However, your website URL remains the same. It doesn’t get changed for mobile.

You can also include or exclude pages from your theme. This plugin also improves your search ranking for various search engines. It has a setup wizard with easy integration and support for multiple languages. You can customize your website for better performance and speed. It supports multisite installation and has an autosave admin panel.

This is a mobile plugin that helps with responsiveness and marketing for your website through its SEO features and marketing tools. It also allows you to embed high-resolution images into your site without increasing its loading time.

You get different security options for your website. For example, it alerts you when your website is facing downtime. It has a secure login for additional theme security. Plugin support is fast and efficient. It also has social media settings. For example, it can show how the website looks on different mobile devices and how different features such as forms and images should look on different screens. It also has statistics for how the website posts are performing on different social media websites.

It’s a mobile responsiveness plugin by WordPress that allows users to select from multiple PWA themes. It provides progressive apps for features such as push notifications and analytics. It’s user friendly and has an easy setup and troubleshooting options. You can disable pages as per your requirements.

This plugin is compatible with both iOS and Android. It also has options for social media sharing, statistics, and monetization. It uses a JavaScript framework (node.js, angular.js) so that developers can easily modify



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