Best WordPress Popular Posts Plugin? 5 Options Compared for

Best WordPress Popular Posts Plugin? 5 Options Compared for 2021

As your website grows, you may eventually want to display specific posts more prominently so that your readers don’t miss them. Many themes come with a ‘recent posts’ feature that lists your latest work. However, if you’d rather showcase your high-traffic content, you might need a WordPress popular posts plugin.

A decent popular posts plugin should give you some control over what type of content you want to display. For instance, many plugins enable you to show your most-viewed posts, or your articles with the most comments. However, you can also use tools with more advanced functionality if you want additional filtering options.

In this article, we’ll discuss our favorite WordPress popular posts plugins, most of which are free. Let’s dive right in!

Best WordPress popular posts plugins

If you want an easy way to highlight your best content, then each of the following plugins can provide a solution. However, the one that is the best fit for you will depend on the depth of features you require.

Our first recommendation is the WordPress Popular Posts plugin. As the name suggests, this tool enables you to show your most popular posts and control how they’re displayed.

For instance, you can feature your most recent articles that fall within a selected date range. Alternatively, you can display your most popular articles based on the number of views, comments, and more. Besides that, this tool supports custom post types so that you can showcase various types of content.

WordPress Popular Post comes with a handy widget that you can add multiple times to the same area. For instance, if you want to display both your latest blog posts and your top-rated products on your sidebar, you can do so with this tool. Plus, you can customize each widget separately to show post thumbnails, author names, number of views, and more.

Besides all that, this plugin provides features such as:

  • Shortcode generator
  • Custom CSS support
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Multiple sorting options
  • Customizable templates
  • Caching
  • Disqus integration

Pricing: Free.

Note – some managed WordPress hosts block this plugin because it writes to the database on every visit (to track popularity) – if you’re hosting at Kinsta, Presslabs, or some other hosts, you’ll want to choose a different option, such as Jetpack.

2. Top 10

Next up, we’ve got Top 10, a feature-rich WordPress popular posts plugin. Like our first recommendation, this tool enables you to highlight various posts through the use of widgets and shortcodes, which you can customize as you like.

Even though it’s called ‘Top 10’, you can choose to display near-unlimited posts from your selected date range. You can also customize them to show details such as post thumbnails, excerpts, author names, and more.

Top 10 automatically counts all



This article was written by John Hughes and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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