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Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

All website owners want to create a following of enthusiasts that regularly return to read content, interact with their community, and buy products. There are many ways of encouraging visitors to return to your site. From creating an engaging email campaign and maintaining a high presence on social media, to running promotions and competitions, to name but a few. Recently however, there has been a rise in WordPress push notification plugins to connect with audiences.

In this article, we’re going to look at what exactly push notifications are and whether they can be used to increase the number of returning visitors to your site. We’ll also share some of the best WordPress push notification plugins and what to look for when choosing one.

What Are WordPress Push Notification Plugins?

A push notification is an automatic message sent to previous website visitors (who have opted in of course) when they’re not on your site. Usually a pop-up will ask a visitor if they are happy to receive notifications in the future. If they accept then the website can “push” notifications to this person’s browser or device (computer, phone, etc) for site updates, new articles, products, special offers and more.

There are obvious pros to using push notifications but there can be some serious cons too, if not used correctly.


  • Push notifications drive traffic to your site by encouraging visitors to return.
  • Because people have opted in to receiving them you know that they already have an interest in your niche.
  • This can in turn help your site convert against its goals, whether they are to build a community of enthusiasts or generate sales.


  • People have to choose to accept the notifications in the first place.
  • The number of push notifications you send out can make a difference between gaining returning visitors and losing your followers. Too many notifications and you risk annoying your audience. Too few, and they may forget about your site.

When choosing a plugin to add push notifications to WordPress you should consider supported devices, optin form and notification customizations,  quantity of push notifications you can send, control over messages sent and if analytics are provided.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress push notification plugins.

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1. OneSignal

OneSignal Free Web Push Notifications Plugin

OneSignal is a free WordPress plugin that can provide unlimited desktop push notifications. It currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. This popular feature-rich plugin opt-in form customization options



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