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16 Best WordPress Security Plugins - Secure Your Website Now - MyThemeShop

WordPress might be the most popular platform in the world to build websites, but that doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible.

Actually, because millions of websites are using WordPress as their platform, it makes hackers more interested in figuring out how to crack the code for the WordPress sites.

This is why having a security plugin is important for your site. In this post, you’re going to know about the 16 best WordPress security plugins for 2020.

Some of these plugins are different depending on what you’re looking for, but every website should have a security plugin on it.

Time to dive deep and understand the basics.

Why You Need A Security Plugin?

Whether you’re starting a blog, eCommerce store, or a website to brand your small business, your site will require different things like hosting, themes and plugins to run. Since you are buiding a space on the internet, there is always a possibility that a hacker wipe out your website and leave you with nothing.

Not to mention your name and address may be on that website’s listing, which is scary enough as it is.

If you’re also taking orders/payments on your site, you have an obligation to your customers to do everything in your power to keep their information safe during and after their purchase.

People attacking your site can get access to years worth of account info if they know exactly where to look, which can be a bad news for your customers and even worse news for you.

WordPress advertises that their platform has security measures built into it, but this shouldn’t be enough for you. A good analogy would be a fence around your house. Does that fence make you comfortable enough not to lock your doors at night and when you leave?

We would hope not. A good security plugin is locking your doors, buying insurance, and investing in an alarm system for your site. This plugin will protect your website while also deferring any wandering hands and fingers to try to attack your site.

Make Sure Your Hosting Is Secure

Security plugins help fight against brute force attacks from your own domain, but it is also possible that your hosting can cause you trouble as well. This is why we recommend making sure your hosting company has built-in security measures of their own to make sure your site is as safe as possible.

If you aren’t sure where to look or are worried about your current hosting not being secure enough, we recommend you check out Siteground.

Siteground has its own specialized security team that focuses just on web threats for the sites they host, along with a 24/7 system administration team to watch over their platform at all times.

They also have real-time server health checks that operate every 0.5 seconds, new firewall rules that get implemented to help with security threats, and an AI system that blocks 500,000 to 2 million brute-force attempts a day.

We’re not saying that you have to use Siteground,



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