The Best WordPress Survey Plugins for

best wordpress survey plugins

The best WordPress survey plugins help you connect with your customers and site visitors with surveys. These WordPress plugins allow you to quickly build survey forms, publish them on your WordPress website, and record responses that you can view and download.

Surveys are still one of the best ways to get genuine feedback from your website visitors. With the first-hand data you gather, you can make smart and informed decisions on how to best grow your traffic, improve your offerings, boost more sales, and ultimately grow your business faster than ever.

If you haven’t added survey capabilities on your website yet, we explored several of the best WordPress survey plugins. In this article, we scoured the internet and hand-picked the best WordPress survey plugins that are available in features and in functionality.  Let’s get started!

What is a WordPress Survey Plugin?

A WordPress survey plugin works similarly to other online survey platforms, except the survey, poll, or quiz is integrated into your WordPress website.

Instead of using an off-site or separate web-based survey system, you can create, design and publish your survey forms directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Some WordPress survey plugins offer embeddable code, while other builders provide seamless WordPress integrations. You can then analyze the data from the surveys, quizzes, and polls within the plugin to create actionable data.

Note: WordPress survey plugins are often called WordPress forms plugins. These plugins allow you to create forms for the purpose of surveys.

There are many WordPress survey plugins available, both free and premium. It’s easy to instantly opt for a free WordPress survey plugin simply because it’s free. However, many of those options provide limited customization and generate narrow results when collecting your website visitors’ feedback.

Though many free WordPress surveys include ample features, premium WordPress survey plugins allow you to take your survey endeavors a bit further by offering even more advanced features. These can be especially useful as your customer base grows.

If you want to add a survey form to your WordPress site, then you need to make sure you’re using the best WordPress survey plugin for the job.

Why You Need a WordPress Survey Plugin

Before we go to the process of choosing the best WordPress survey plugin, let’s get into why you need to add surveys to your WordPress sites.

Most business sites overlook the power of feedback and surveys. Whether it’s a customer satisfaction survey, employee feedback, or comments from anonymous viewers, you don’t have to contract expensive developers to learn what your visitors think. Your survey form will collect those data for you.

There are so many advantages and good points of having a survey form on your website.

  • First, surveys allow



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