17 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in

17 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2020

re you looking for the best WordPress themes for blogs? In this article, we’ll share our picks for the best WordPress themes for blogging, both free and paid.

Starting a blog can seem daunting; you’ve got to create a website that looks great and has all of the features you need, which seems difficult if you’ve never created a website before. And of course, you need to write blog posts. But, don’t worry.

If you use WordPress to create your website, you can use a WordPress theme for blogging that will give your site a professional look in an instant.

Plus, since WordPress is completely customizable, you can easily create a blog that’s uniquely yours. Then, all you need to do is get writing!

WordPress.org is the best blogging platform for both beginner bloggers and pros. To get started with WordPress, check out our detailed guide on how to start a blog for step-by-step instructions.

Before we dive into the list of the best WordPress themes for blogs, you might be wondering: How do I choose a theme for my blog?

Let’s find out…

How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Blog

When choosing a WordPress theme for your blog, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The most important factors in any WordPress theme are:

A responsive WordPress blog theme will make sure your blog looks great on any device. This is important today when many people surf the web on their mobile devices. 

Picking a busy theme with a ton of unnecessary features will only slow down your website and distract your readers. Choose a simple WordPress blog theme that puts the focus on your content. You can always download WordPress plugins to add the features you need for your blog later. 

A WordPress theme might look cool at first glance, but if it’s poorly designed, it can negatively impact the performance of your site and upset your readers. Be sure to read the reviews of a WordPress theme before you try it out. 

You also have to consider your brand when choosing a WordPress theme for your blog. Your blog’s brand is the particular feeling and impression you want to give your audience.

For example, a travel blog might want to give their readers an adventurous and outdoorsy impression. On the other hand, a fashion blog’s brand may be more urban and modern.

Consider your blog’s brand when choosing a WordPress theme. Does it match the vibe you want to give to your readers? Or, are you able to easily customize the theme to match your brand?

These are important things to think about before you make a commitment to a WordPress blog theme.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the 17 best WordPress themes for blogs in 2020.  

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs




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