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25+ Best WordPress Video Themes for 2020 - Reviews - MyThemeShop

With the buildup of more videos on the internet than ever before, the creation of websites with a majority of videos is popping up now more than ever. That is why we’ve created a list of the best WordPress themes for videos in 2020.

WordPress and its massive library of themes make this the perfect place for you to create a website with a video background as well. With lots of themes for the right price, there is a setup out there for every creator.

25+ Best WordPress Video Themes – Reviews

Whether you want to build a portfolio site for your video creations or host other people’s videos and content on your site, any vlogger, videographer, or media sharing website will like to check out this list we have here.

This list contains the highest quality multimedia and video themes available on WordPress in no particular order.

So let’s get started.

1 Video

Video is the top-notch WordPress theme for sites that will have a blog with heavy usage of videos. This theme comes with some dynamic features like a like/dislike feature, the ability to create playlists, and more.

One of the best parts about this theme is the ability to integrate it with YouTube to show the view counts of the videos you’re hosting. This could be a great way to have some social proof stirred up for the videos you upload.

This theme comes with different homepage layouts and useful widgets to build your site as your own and sidebar easily.

Video is also optimized for speed and SEO ready right from the jump, giving your website a setup that’s ready for viewers right from the start.

2 Rich Video

Rich Video Theme

If you’re looking for a modern type of theme to run your WordPress site, Rich Video could be the theme for you. It has a modern design and is designed specifically not to have a sidebar.

Taking out the sidebar allows you to display lots of posts on one page, which will immediately allow your viewers to get the content they’re looking for. You can change up the videos that show up with special widget areas like featured posts, new videos and more.

Rich Video is a very SEO/Search Engine friendly theme. When it comes to code quality, it can’t get much better than this theme. Search engines want to get into your sites and read the code, but if it’s hard to understand, they’ll leave your page and rank someone else higher. That is why having good code quality with a theme like Rich Video is so important.

3 Rich Flicks



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