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Looking for a WordPress voting plugin or poll plugin for WordPress? This list will help you to choose the right one for your website.

Visitors are the most valuable asset to any blog. One way in which you can increase visitor count is by identifying the type of content that they favor and by providing it to them on a regular basis. However, how do we know what type of content they like? Simple—just ask them. Those small buttons that you see on many websites—thumbs, emoticons, likes, upvotes—can help you find out what visitors are looking for. There are many WordPress voting plugins that can help you gather feedback based on visitor reaction. You can use them generously on your website to gauge and understand what visitors like. Then, you can steer your website in that direction.

Sure, analytics can help you with data, but feedback based on votes can help you understand the reasons behind the patterns and trends. With plugins, you can collect the data rather efficiently without being overly intrusive to the reader. When you put it all together, the emerging picture will help you provide the kind of content that keeps bringing the reader back to your webpages.

Some site admins prefer using standard contact forms to collect feedback. While that may actually serve your purpose, a dedicated plugin can persuade a reader to leave feedback more effectively. Not many readers will take the trouble to open a form and fill in feedback. At the same time, they may not hesitate to click a like button. A voting plugin can make data collation and presentation standard and easy.

A good rating is particularly important for businesses like restaurants, salons, or e-commerce stores. If you’re running a review website, these WordPress review themes may interest you. You can ask your readers to leave feedback in many ways—rate, vote, thumbs, like button, emoticons, and more. Let’s see what the WordPress voting plugins can do for us.

Free Voting WordPress Plugins

There are numerous quality free plugins that you can enable on your site to persuade readers to leave feedback. Many of them have pro versions that you can upgrade to should you feel the need for additional features later.


WP-PostRatings offers many ways to display votes, such as stars, thumbs up/down, ticks/crosses, hearts, and numbers. Right at the start, though, you should know that this plugin needs a bit of technical configuration to get it to work on your site.

You can select the rating images you want for display on the settings page of the plugin. Using code, you can set the rating option to show up on all posts or selectively on some. You can view the ratings from the Manage Ratings option.

Using a filter, it’s possible to change the image type from GIF to PNG. The plugin has the ability to show the highest-rated posts, most rated posts, the lowest rating, and highest rating. These stats can display in a widget in the sidebar. You can drag the widget to any widget area and customize



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