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Best Zoom Alternatives for Hosting Interactive Virtual Events, Networking, and Building Connections - WP Pluginsify

Whenever you think of business meetings your mind probably goes to a large conference room in your office building, however in recent times, there has been a need to move them into the virtual sphere.

A popular online meeting platform called Zoom rapidly became the go-to place for everyone’s online meetings. But as Zoom tried to cater to anyone and everyone, it did way too much at once which in turn resulted in problems such as glitches and overwhelmed servers appearing quite often. For this reason, it became slightly problematic to use Zoom for business purposes.

Luckily there’s an abundance of platforms out there that offer similar or the same services as Zoom. And if that’s something you need, then keep on reading to see what else is out there.

1. Airmeet

Airmeet has found an interesting way to circumvent the awkwardness of large scale meetings. They have done this by creating a digital lounge you join upon sign up with digital tables of up to 8 people and a quick introduction lobby where participants get matched up for a short conversation before the official meeting takes place. The tables are set up to act as mini-conferences included in a larger meeting, and any one of the participants can screen share, text chat, or enter a private conversation to make creating genuine connections easier.

During a large scale event, keynote speakers are able to broadcast their content and take live questions both in chat and real-time. Along with that, the host can also let any of the participants present by giving them access to the virtual stage.

The option to create exhibitor booths for partners where they can showcase their brand videos has also proven extremely useful as sponsors don’t break the continuity of the meeting while still remaining noticed.

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2. GoToMeeting


Over the past few months, GoToMeeting has become rather popular, and the reason why is apparent. It runs smoothly on all devices and is extremely phone-friendly. It allows users to set up a quick one-click meeting, a professional business webinar, or an online conference that’s easily convertible into an interactive collaboration space with just a few clicks.

The app is also responsive to voice commands so that anyone can set up a meeting simply by asking Siri to do so.

The meeting rooms can hold 250 participants and 25 HD cameras.  And some great tools to use in your potential webinars also include screen sharing by the host and chosen participants, drawing tools when screen sharing, and a digital whiteboard to capture the attention of your attendees.

You can also join a meeting simply by answering a phone call,



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