#BlackFridayMonth: 50% Off WPMU DEV Agency + $360 Free Hosting… FOREVER!

#BlackFridayMonth: 50% Off WPMU DEV Agency + $360 Free Hosting… FOREVER!

Why wait until the end of the month for Black Friday when you can get amongst our biggest (and only!) sale of the year… RIGHT NOW.

Everyone loves a good Black Friday sale. But NO ONE likes waiting til the end of November for it to finally start.

Which is why, this year, we’ve decided to make Black Friday…


Yep, from November 1st, all the way through to the 30th, you can get our biggest sale of the year (well, our only sale of the year!) any time you choose.

We won’t beat around the bush, here’s the deal:

That’s our biggest and best plan… All the bells and whistles… Half price… For life!

Plus, your last chance EVER to get the $360 free hosting add-on available with the Agency plan (more on this below).

You get:

  • The Hub site manager (for unlimited sites)
  • Dedicated WP hosting ($360/y value) — last month ever to get this!
  • Fee free client billing (automate all your subscriptions & billing)
  • Professional client portal (your own cPanel for clients)
  • 11 pro WP plugins ($3190/y Value)
  • 250GB Smush CDN ($240/y Value)
  • Unlimited seats (invite colleagues & clients)
  • 24/7 expert live support (for everything WP & beyond)

Over $3,790 value, all for just $990/y $495/y!

(Which, if you take the $360 hosting off is actually $135/y, for the best WPMU DEV plan available)

But here’s what really makes this deal special:

1. It’s for a lifetime

You’ll get to keep this price forever, no matter how many amazing new features and tools we add in future.

2.It’s your last chance to score the $360 free hosting add-on before we remove it from the Agency plan forever

Due to some new and exciting changes to our hosting, after this sale we are *taking away* the $360/year hosting credit (enough to host 3 Bronze sites for a year) on this plan for all new members.

Making this month your last chance to get $360 of the best-rated (by Trustpilot no less) WP hosting on the web… forever.

3. It’s completely free to try before you buy.

We know switching or upgrading to a different platform / set of tools isn’t a decision made lightly… no matter how good the deal is.

Good thing you can take our Agency plan for a 7-day no-risk free trial, before you even consider going ahead with the half-price membership.

Not satisfied with the plan during your trial? Cancel, and it’ll be like nothing happened.

On the other hand, if the Agency plan is all you could ask for, and more (which we’re confident it will be), then your 50% off for life will be applied immediately following your trial.

BONUS BF GIVEAWAY: Enter our Black Friday Month caption contests to score this year’s entire BF offer free for your first year!

Remember these dates:

  • Tuesday the 2nd of November
  • Monday the 15th of November
  • Monday the 29th of November

Because this is when we’ll be running our Black Friday-themed comic caption contests (each lasts for a week), where three lucky people will win our entire Black Friday offer (50% off Agency plan + $360 free hosting) FREE for their first year.

Enter our first contest here!

There’s also no need to hold off on signing up for our regular Black Friday deal. If you end up being one of our 3 lucky winners, the added free year giveaway will be applied to your redemption – so think of it as an amazing cherry on top. 🙂

If you weren’t aware, we recently released our own WP comics collection and we’ve been running bi-weekly caption contests where, so far, we’ve given away over $200 worth of free hosting.

Subscribe to the The DEV’s Pixels to be first to know about our BF caption contests, and future contests. We’ll also let you know when the contests are running on social.

Only 1000 deals available until the end of November, or when they run out

Obviously we have to put a limit on all this craziness – starting at 1,000 deals (we cannot confirm or deny that we may have extra reserved if we run out of this first batch ;)).

Because if it got picked up overnight and we sold 20k of these then, well, nobody would be able to sleep for the next 3 months as we doubled the team.

But don’t worry, everyone will have plenty of chances to grab a deal and win some amazing prizes over the course of the month.

One final recap…

  • After this month, our Agency plan (the biggest and best plan, all the bells and whistles) will go back to costing $990/yr ($82.50/m).
  • But if you act now, you can lock it in for just $495/yr ($41.25/m), FOR LIFE. You won’t ever have to pay a cent more as long as you’re with us.
  • After this month, the free hosting included with the Agency plan will also drop steeply by 3 times, from $360, down to $120.
  • Meaning from next month on you’ll have to pay $240 extra to get the same level of hosting (up to 3 Bronze hosted sites free for a year).
  • You can take our Agency plan for a no-risk, 7-day free trial first. Your discount will automatically be applied at the end of your trial if you choose to proceed.

So don’t miss out on securing our Agency plan at a ridiculously low lifetime price AND scoring the most free hosting $$ we’ll ever offer.

Get 50% OFF Agency ($990 $495/y) + $360 Free Hosting… FOREVER!

Black Friday Month Q&A

A lot of you will no doubt have questions about this month-long sale, so here’s a few we prepared earlier:

(We’ll add to this if more questions come in throughout the month)

Q: Is this a genuine lifetime deal?

A: Yes it is, we have grandfathered members from a decade ago on their old prices (don’t believe us, ask in the forums) and we’ll do the same for you.

Eventually this plan is going to be $3-5k a year and you’ll have it for $495 (including $360 worth of hosting!), which will feel pretty sweet 🙂

Q: Is this really the last chance to score $360 free hosting?

A: It really is! Because of some upcoming (and incredibly exciting!) changes to WPMU DEV Hosting, we’ve made the decision to lower the amount of free hosting included with the Agency plan by 3X — from $360, down to $120.

So from next month you’ll have to pay $240 extra to get the same level of hosting (up to 3 Bronze hosted sites free for a year). Grab it while you can.

Q: How can you afford this? / It seems too good to be true!

A: We’ll try and answer it (without going into boring economics), but there are two ways:

Firstly, our hosting costs us less to provision the more of you there are using it (so economy of scale) but also we have found that anybody who tries our hosting loves it so much they generally use it for all of their new sites… So that’s how!

Q: Can I pay this monthly?

A: Sadly not, this is an annual only offer (the money up front also helps us keep it this low).

Q: When the deals run out will you release some more?

A: It always pays to have a backup plan ;), but we’ll cross that bridge when it happens and let you know, stay tuned.

Q: What are the exciting new changes to your hosting you mentioned?

A: While we’d love to let the cat out of the bag right now, you’ll have to wait until closer to Christmas to find out more. Consider it an early Xmas prez. 😉

Get 50% OFF Agency ($990 $495/y) + $360 Free Hosting… FOREVER!

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