How Much Is Your Blog Really Worth? (+ How to Sell It) –

How Much Is Your Blog Really Worth? (+ How to Sell It) - Blog Tyrant

uick question: What if Warren Buffett offered you $500,000 for your blog tomorrow? Would you sell it? 

Do you even know how much your blog is worth? You spent a lot of time starting, writing, optimizing, and growing it. Are you willing to hand it over to someone else?

That’s a tough question. Knowing how much your blog is worth can help you decide.

In this article, we’ll go over whether you should sell your blog, how to find out what it’s worth, give you some tips to increase the sale price, and finally, how to sell your blog. Let’s get started.

Should You Sell Your Blog?

People sell for a lot of reasons. Sometimes for just one reason, other times it’s a combination of reasons that led to the decision. Take a look at these pros and cons and then decide for yourself.


  • You want to start a new business – If you’ve been itching to start a new blog or business, it’s time to sell.
  • You’ve run out of ideas – You might feel your blog has reached its max potential, at least with you leading it. You can’t see where to take the blog, or if you can, you don’t want to put in the effort needed to take it there. It’s time to move on and sell it to someone else.
  • You’re bored with the blog – Getting frustrated or bored with your blog is a sign it might be time to sell it. It’s better to move on from it when you’re not passionate or interested in it anymore.
  • Your return on investment may be high – Depending on your original costs for the blog, you may get a lot more for it if you sell now. If you’re happy with the sale price, consider taking it now


  • Blogging’s not as easy as it used to be – Selling your current blog to start a new one is a bit of a gamble. It’s a lot harder to start a successful blog today, so you may not want to do it again.
  • It takes time to build back up – Building a blog takes time. So, if you sell your current blog, you’ll need to know how long the money you make from it will last. Plan for this before you sell.
  • You can’t write in the same niche – Often when you sell a blog, you sign a contract that forbids you from starting a new blog in the same niche. It’s called an anti-competition clause and essentially means that you better be good at something else because you might not be able to keep doing the same thing.
  • You lose control of the brand – This is an obvious thing, but if you haven’t thought it through, you might not realize what you lose when you sell. You give up control of the site and the brand, which means the buyer can do whatever they want with it. Unless you put conditions in the sale contract, the buyer can change the site design and layout,



This article was written by Julia and originally published on Blog Tyrant.

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