Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 6 Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog –

Blogging Tips For New Bloggers: 6 Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog - MyThemeShop

Contrary to popular perception, blogging isn’t all about writing. Don’t get me wrong, writing is a primary requirement, but that’s not the only thing you need to become a successful blogger. You’ll need to develop a whole skill set to succeed in this competitive field.

In this article, I’ll share some reasons why you should start a blog and tips to keep in mind before starting a blog. Let’s dive right in.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

Starting a blog requires a lot of effort. But what doesn’t? 

Besides, the pros far exceed than cons. Yet, if you still haven’t been convinced that starting a blog is the way to go, here are five reasons you should give it a go before I give my blogging tips for new bloggers.

With blogging, you can… 

Attract An Audience 

If you’re the type who likes to write for an audience, blogging is the perfect activity for you. With blogging, you don’t only get to do what you love the most, which is obviously, to write. You also get to attract an audience who will read your pieces. 

With blogging, it’s not just that satisfaction you get when someone else appreciates something you wrote. It’s also the added benefits that come with having a following. We’ll discuss this more later.

Establish Authority

Blogging helps you establish the authority you need in the niche you chose. So if you’ve written many blog posts on marketing, you’ll be considered a marketing guru. If you’ve written a lot about SEO, you’ll be the go-to person for anything related to SEO. 

That’s a good thing because, well, who doesn’t want a little popularity in the first place? Besides, that can come in handy when you’re selling things related to what you’re talking about. If you’re selling SEO services, you won’t have a hard time getting new clients because a check of your articles will show you know what you’re talking about.

Tell Your Story

Blogging is a great way to express yourself. When you blog, you can express your inner feelings and thoughts. You can tell your story in the way you choose and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. 

In other words, blogging can be a liberating and therapeutic experience. Bloggers share their experiences with rich storytelling and examples using blogs, and that can be a reason to gain huge followership. 

For example, Rand Fishkin, Ex-CEO of Moz, shared his story on how he is leaving Moz and starting a new company – SparkToro. This story got a lot of popularity. Rand was already an influencer, but this storytelling helped him spread a few words on his new product.

Connect With New People

Don’t let anyone tell you blogging is only for people who can’t socialize with others. Blogging, after all, is also a social activity.



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