How to Build a Positioning Strategy for Your Brand

Duscussing how to build a positioning strategy

What words come to mind when you think of iconic brands like Uber and Instagram? Maybe you think of “fast” and “affordable” for Uber, or “share” and “friends” for Instagram.

The associations we have with brands may seem benign, but they are vital for brands to succeed in the long term.

What a customer associates your brand with influences how they interact with your company. If the association is positive, they may make repeat purchases or recommend you to a friend. If the association is negative, they may avoid your brand or opt for a competitor.

To control how consumers view your brand, you need to position your company correctly.

Naturally, it would help if you had a strong positioning strategy to build loyal customers long-term. This article will teach you what a positioning strategy is and how to create one.

Let’s dive in.

What Is a Brand Positioning Strategy?

A positioning strategy helps you outline how you want customers to perceive your brand. Essentially, it outlines the “thing” your brand is known for.

Though we often associate brand positioning with marketing, your positioning strategy influences many aspects of your business. This includes sales, customer service, customer relations, and order fulfillment.

There are many advantages to developing a positioning strategy, as it can help you:

  • Shape your customer experience
  • Make sure the content you produce aligns with your brand’s visions and goals
  • Build brand recognition
  • Design a high-quality marketing strategy
  • Market your brand
  • Craft a recognizable public presence
  • Create a niche for your brand
  • Showcase your competitive advantage

Like anything branding-related, these advantages only apply when the positioning strategy is effective. Effective strategies generally consider customers’ desires and needs carefully. Additionally, they account for the brands’ strengths and weaknesses and outline their competitive differentiation.

Many brands share their positioning strategy through a 10–50 word positioning statement. These are like a mission statement, except a mission statement answers the question, “Who are we?” While a positioning statement answers the question, “What do we do?”

We will dive deeper into developing a positioning statement in the “How To Design a Positioning Strategy” section.

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Positioning Strategy Examples

While we don’t know precisely how each brand positions itself internally, you can see most brands’ strategies from their marketing.

To conceptualize how a positioning strategy looks, let’s analyze five branding examples from well-known brands.

1. AirHouse

AirHouse is a logistics platform that helps people organize and manage product shipping.

If you look at AirHouse’s



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