How to Make a Business Logo for Free (No Paid Upsells!)

How to Make a Business Logo for Free (No Paid Upsells!)

Are you looking for a guide on how to make a business logo?

It can be challenging to create a professional-looking business logo that looks exactly how you imagine or that perfectly reflects your brand. This is due to the fact that a startup owner might be good at business but perhaps lacks designing skills.

On the other hand, if you choose a professional logo service, it’s expensive. As a new business, it is important to limit your expenses and invest more in marketing.

To help you with that, the following article is the ultimate guide for entrepreneurs or bloggers who want to be able to design their logo in a few clicks using a simple, non-technical tool.

Best of all, you’ll be able to do this entirely for free – with no upsells at the end to force you to pay for a paid plan just to download your logo.

Can you make a logo for your business on your own?

Yes! You don’t need any technical skills to be able to create your own logo because there are free tools to help you get the job done. You might not get the pixel-perfect flexibility that hiring a professional designer allows for, but you’ll still be able to create something that looks great.

The rest of this post will be focused on the actual step-by-step process of creating your logo and customizing its content, typography, colors, and layout to get the perfect look for your business.

How to make a business logo – step-by-step guide

Now, we’ll show you step-by-step how to make a business logo using a 100% free tool. But before we get to the tool, you first need to think about how you want your logo to look.

1. Think about your brand aesthetic

Your brand aesthetic is the visual look or appearance of your site, which is designed to affect the behavior of your users.

Determining brand aesthetics is aligning your site design with your brand identity. For example, a university library site is likely to have minimal graphics.

In this step, think about the answers to questions such as:

  • Do you want a minimal logo or do you want a more busy design?
  • What colors do you want to use?
  • What typography do you want to use?
  • Do you want a heading and subheading? Or do you just want initials? What text do you want to include on your logo?

In the next steps, you’ll be able to customize all of this information. But it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for before you open the tool.

2. Open the free Themeisle Logo Maker

Now that you have something to work on, it’s time to start creating your business logo.

Although there a lot of logo makers to choose from, there are few free options (and many of the tools that advertise themselves as free force you to pay to download the actual logo file).

For a truly 100% free solution, we have an in-house logo maker to help business owners design logos.

To get started, go to



This article was written by Pulkit Bhardwaj and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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