How To Check WordPress Site Speed With The New GTmetrix (Featuring Lighthouse)

How To Check WordPress Site Speed With The New GTmetrix (Featuring Lighthouse)

GTmetrix is now powered by Lighthouse, delivering page performance test results that better reflect the user’s perception of how fast their websites are loading.

Any business that wants to stay in business knows it’s essential to have a fast loading website. Websites that load quickly retain more visitors and perform better in search engines Google.

We have written a number of articles on how to speed up WordPress and fix WordPress page speed problems using free page speed testing tools.

One of these tools is GTmetrix.

The new GTmetrix report.

The new GTmetrix report is designed to help you assess the page’s user experience and looks at both structure and performance, i.e. how well the page actually performs for users in areas like loading, interactivity, and visual stability.

The main difference in the newly redesigned report is that GTmetrix has replaced its PageSpeed/YSlow libraries with Lighthouse, the open-source tool from Google that is considered the industry standard in modern web performance data and metrics.

In this post, we’ll look at:

Using the New GTmetrix Tool

GTmetrix is free to use for generating a basic yet very useful site loading speed report.

Just head over to and enter your site or page URL, then click the test button.

GTmetrix Page Speed TestEnter the URL of the site or page you want to test.

A report will be automatically generated after a few seconds.

GTmetrix report.GTmetrix report.

Previously, GTmetrix reports focused on how well your page was built for speed (i.e. its structure), but not how fast it loaded from your users’ perspective. This resulted in sites sometimes achieving great PageSpeed/YSlow scores and a slow Fully Loaded Time.

Good PS/YS scores, Bad Fully loaded time.



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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