Cloudways YearInReview: A Look Back at

Cloudways Year-In-Review: A Look Back at 2020

The world may remember 2020 as the year of pandemic, but business owners worldwide will remember it for sending a clear cut message: Digital-first is the new reality!

COVID-19 disrupted all aspects of our lives and forced us to test rapidly and adapt to new ways of living. While the world scrambled to adjust to the new work-from-home routine and learned to accept social distancing, we at Cloudways were busy helping our customers improve their digital presence when they needed it the most. We take pride in the fact that we experimented, adapted, and reinvented ourselves in many ways to help our customers move their dreams forward.

We’re vastly grateful to you, our customers and visitors, for being with us on this journey and helping us close an unprecedented year on a strong note.

From responding to the lockdown situation to growing our global team and graduating Cloudways Academy students to enhancing the Cloudways platform, it’s been a happening year for us regardless of the circumstances. So join us as we take a look back at 2020 and all that we experienced in helping our customers brave the worst of the global crisis and going digital.

Responding to the COVID Challenges

COVID was, without doubt, a bizarre challenge unlike any we’ve faced before. When businesses around the world started shutting down, they realized the importance of going digital. And given our reputation in the hosting industry, hundreds to thousands turned to us to power their newfound love for online presence!

However, not only were brick-and-mortar businesses suffering, but online shops also saw a significant drop in their sales and overall revenue, considering the whole world was going under lockdown and spending across the board was diminishing. Of course, that included many of our esteemed customers.

For us, our customers come first, and we weren’t going to leave them stranded during difficult times. And so we took every measure possible to support online businesses right from the early stages of the pandemic and continue to do so!

Here’s a look at some of the steps we took immediately to give our customers some much-needed relief:

  • With immediate effect, we relaxed the timelines for billing in the early COVID period. We even issued compensation to select customers who had a hard time paying their hosting bills.
  • We offered three months of free hosting service to any non-profit organization creating awareness around COVID-19.
  • We donated to and supported several initiatives to help different communities around the globe.
  • We collaborated with many of our partners to offer healthy discounts on many tools to businesses worldwide.
  • Our team produced a great deal of content around remote work and held many webinars to help people adjust to the new normal of working from home.
  • Even though we had to go remote, our entire team was 100% active throughout to ensure our customers did not feel any disruption in our services.
  • While



This article was written by Owais Khan and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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